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  1. I think I got it working. After expanding the existing peers and finding the "Address:1" element, it seems that one of the peers was missing a "Peer tunnel address". Not sure how that disappeared, but once I filled that in I was able to add new peers.
  2. Even with the ad blocker disabled, I still get the "An invalid form control with name='Address:1' is not focusable" error. Did disabling the ad blocker work in your case?
  3. I'm having the same issue as @tmchow, with the same error message in the browser console. It is also being reported here https://www.reddit.com/r/unRAID/comments/khl3s0/issue_adding_peer_to_wireguard/ I've tried several different browsers, and the "apply" button has no effect. Is anyone else experiencing this? This is with unraid 6.8.3 and plugin version 2020.07.10b.