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  1. For a single person? Furthermore: Nginx rtmp would be a ''re-stream'' service, right? Because I will just be using the server to send the same stream to multiple platforms. So I will need less than usual. The reason I am asking though, is beacause I want to have multiple streamers (people) streaming to multiple platforms at once. Not only me multistreaming. That means that there will be multiple and different channels at the same time = multiple nginx applications under the same server. This is why I am asking: Do I need specific specs for my VPS/dedicated server or it does not really matter. (Except bandwidth, I suppose). I am just trying to find out how it works 😛
  2. But I can get a 4 Core VPS, no? If not, a dedicated hosting server maybe? I am also talking about multiple streamers and multiple streams. At the same time. So what is a ''good enough''? Any numbers or range about the server specs I should take care of? Thanks
  3. Hello everyone, I have a question. I want to setup a multistreaming server (using nginx), for multiple streamers tho. What should I need to check in terms of server/vps specs? It should be unlimited bandwidth, right? What about RAM, CPU? e.g.: 5 streamers, 3 platforms each (twich, youtube etc), 4 hours of stream per day. Thank you in advance