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  1. Support for video formats other than .mp4 will be added in the next version (currently in beta).
  2. 0.25.0 and earlier used a custom search engine, but there was no point in maintaining it, as it didn't scale reliably and wasn't future proof. So there's no point in installing Elasticsearch for that version, however 0.26.0 requires Elasticsearch, and all future versions will do so. I recommend using a docker-compose with the official Elasticsearch image (version 7.x), but it can be hosted in any way on any machine that can be communicated with. I also recommend not sleeping on 0.26, as it has better startup times, faster and better searching, more features, bugfixes and will be the way forward.
  3. That is due to your browser not being able to play them, they'll still be processed though. This may change in the future by transcoding on the fly. Until then, you can just continue to open them in VLC or similar.