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  1. I have several working containers passing through binhex-delugevpn. (currently 7) I'm having trouble reaching a new container (binhex-nbzhyrda2) after routing it's network through delugevpn. (it works fine in it's own bridge network) As I've done with all my other passthrough containers, I've: added the port (5076)(TCP) in delugevpn set the network type as none in the hydra container set the extra parameters as --net=container:binhex-delugevpn in the hydra container Restarted both containers just to be sure (hydra was restarted after delugevpn)
  2. This fixed everything for me! Thanks!!
  3. I have Jackett, Radarr, and Sonarr containers routed through Deluge. All are actually accessible via web ui and reach the internet. (getting a VPN IP) It just seems like this update broke the LAN communication of containers are routed though the Delgue container. Which means reverting the sub-containers to a bridge connection and proxying is the only option, outside of rolling back the deluge update? Btw, thank you bihnex for the updates, replies, and support. Much appreciated my friend.
  4. It seems like the the "Bypass Proxy for Local Addresses" fix does not work if you're routing the sonarr/radarr container(s) through DelugeVPN's container. (failing to connect to client/jackett indexers) Any possible workaround for this? I'm routing the containers of sonarr/radarr through the deluge to prevent any leakage. Not sure if enabling a proxy is as secure.