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  1. MacInABox user scripts are not installed Hello SpaceInvaderOne, I have not found anything in the forum on the above topic, so I am asking you:I am a newcomer to Unraid and followed your recent video on Youtube and installed MacInABox in Unraid (6.9.0). Everything worked fine so far, except that Big Sur was not installed as selected, but Catalina. When I tried to fix it, I got completely lost. I then completely rebuilt the flash drive with Unraid and repeated the entire procedure. The problem now is that the userscripts are not installed. In any case, they are not displayed under "Settings" -> "User Scripts". Can you please give me a tip on how to fix this? Otherwise, I want to thank you for your excellent work and the time you put into this project. Your videos on YouTube are a great inspiration and even I, as a non-native English speaker, can understand them very well. Thank you in advance for your response and time, with warmest regards and stay well... Rollo