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  1. Oh, I am pretty sorry. Thanks for the explanation
  2. Hello, have downloaded the latest version of unraid-kernel-helper for vendor-reset. I have created stock/beta folder in /mnt/user/appdata/kernel and copied /boot/bz* files into beta folder. after copying when I try to build kernel the error comes with: ---Found old versions file, deleting old file and downloading new file--- /tmp/Unraid-Kernel-Helper 100%[==============================================>] 317 --.-KB/s in 0s ---Successfully downloaded versions file--- ---Build of DVB driver/modules/firmware skipped!--- ---Build of nVidia drivers/modules skipped!--- ---Bui
  3. Thanks for the efforts. I have no problems because i am not a docker or apps guy in unRaid :). I am the guy who only deals with VMs. Is there any module which is pre-installed for AMD reset bug or anything else like installing vendor-reset manually ? Thank you.