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  1. Thank you very much for your help. With the new tag I was able to update all the way to Nextcloud I also change the tag to "20.0.0-ls122", with "latest" I couldn't log in anymore. One question: My Nextcloud says it is Version 20 and up-to-date, but I thought version 21 ist the current version of Nextcloud? Even changing to beta channel it says it's up-to-date. Or is Nextcloud Hub different to Nextcloud? Thanks.
  2. Yes, I started my update-journey somewhere around Nextcloud 14. I will try the tag tonight. When I reach the current Nextcloud version, is it save to use the "latest" tag, or should I match the tag with the Nextcloud version? Thanks.
  3. Yes, updater.phar had NO output at all, or any reaction I could see. Repository: linuxserver/nextcloud:140 Docker Hub URL:
  4. Hello, I tried "updater.phar" and nothing happend and "occ upgrade" says: "Nextcloud ist already latest version" But "occ update:check" says: It still seems I need a newer PHP. This is a standard unraid docker container and I couldn't find anything about this problem, so the update from Nextcloud 17 to 18 probably worked for most, but why not for me?
  5. Hello, I'm trying to update my way up into modern times. I'm currently at Nextcloud 17 an stuck. "occ update:check" shows: Nextcloud 18.0.14 is available. Get more information on how to update at The docker container in unraid is up-to-date and "php --version" shows 7.1.17. I couldn't find a solution anywhere. What am i missing? Thanks.