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  1. Has anyone an idea why the vm dont pop up in the VM Manager? Isos and img are created. I can see them in the shares. edit. I tryed to create a custom VM. i could not safe because of some issues, but the Mac VM from the tool is now visible in the VM Manager ^^. Now i must fix the Network Issue
  2. But nothing happend. on the Domains Share i see the Macinabox BigSur Folder with the macos_disk.img inside, but not in the VMS Tab
  3. i tryed the helper Script, but the VM is still not here. in the script is a error: failed to get domain. i changed the vm name in the script. but before it also did not work.
  4. Hi everyone, i installed the Tools like in the video presented. my problem is the vmready notify script is running, running,..... i see at the isos the images from big sur and obencore. at domains i also see the big sur img. but no VM in the VM Tabs. i let it running 24h.
  5. Has anyone an idea to fix the problem with suspend to ram?
  6. So i have tested it. Under Windows 10 i can Suspend to Ram. the WOL Problem is solved. I put a TP-Link Networkcard with Realtek Chip in a PCIe Slot. With this a can wake the Server from S5. But the Suspend to Ram would be a great benefit.
  7. I checked the bios few times and also the manual. I found nothing. But u will test it with a Windows. For wake up i need something that works also from the internet via vpn connection.
  8. Hi, at the bios from the new mainboard, there is no direct Setting for suspend to ram. Maybe that means a regular consumer Mainboard dosent Support Suspend to Ram? Ok The Gigabyte mainboard has a Rivet Networks Killer E2500 LAN Chip. the other Way to wake up the server would be a Raspi which is connected to the Power Button. Hmm... maybe Ryzen isnt the right choice?
  9. No idea? would it be better to change the AMD System to a Intel o5 9600K with an Z390 Mainboard? (i have a short time to send the AMD back)
  10. Hi everybody, EDIT: The WOL Problem is solved. The Sleep problem is still open! i have new Mainboard, Ram and CPU in my Server and some little Troubles. Mainboard: Gigabyte X370 Gaming K3 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Ram: 16GB DDR4 GPU: GTX 1050 Ti Iam running Unraid Version: 6.6.6 The problem what i have is, the server didnt go to Sleep. The LED from Mouse and Keyboard go off for only 1 second. The next thing is, WOL dosent work. At the Bios its activated, but when i look via terminal "ethtool eth0" there is no WOL Entry. i think it did not work, because the Mainboard dosent support WOL from S5 (no link active). So if i can fix the Sleep Problem, the WOL problem is solving itself? My old Mainboard (Intel S2600CO) dosent support Sleep, so i could not test it. But WOL works from S5 Mode. Thanks for helping edit: i tried Version 6.7.2 with same problem. i also tryed to initiate Sleep and pull off the network cable. Also the same. HDDs spinning down. LED from Keyboard/Mouse going off. Power LED is still runnung and one second later its up Best regards Martin
  11. Hi, iam running the Plex Media Server Plugin. Since an update, i cant play 5.1 Sound with an apple TV 3. the Problem is the Plex Server Version. With an older Version it works. How can i downgrade/install an older Version? I searched in Google but i dont find older installers. best regards Martin
  12. Hi, i try every Version since Mountain Lion. Actually i tested it on osSierra. SMB works faster, but not equal to Windows (VM in Parallels) The first initial connection takes 10-20seconds. Thx for the Infos.
  13. Hi, my english is not very good, but i will try my best. i am using an unraid Server and i have the problem with OS X. When i connect to the server it takes a lot of seconds to show me the Folders. Under Windows (Parallels) it works fast. I tested today with an Qnap TS659. SMB and AFP Shares on OSX are very fast. My Server Specs: CPU: 2x Intel Xeon E5-5670 Mainboard: Intel S2600CO Ram: 120 GB DDR3L ECC HDDs: from 1-3 TB WD Greens, WD Reds, WD Blacks Cache Drive: 300GB WD Velociraptor The Problem is since Unraid 4xxxx and also on Version 6xxx Is there a possibility to fix the problem? Kind regards from Vienna
  14. Hi, there is no Raid key installed. How i can install/enable de Driver for the Controller? Iam a Linux Noob and i find nothing about Driver Installing on an Unraid System...
  15. Hi, i have a little Problem. I get a Intel S2600CO Server Mainboard including. 2 Xeon 2670, but unraid dont find any Hard Drive. I tryed many Bios Settings, AHCI, Enhanced, Compatibility... Can anybody help me? is there a Way to put drivers into unraid?