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  1. thank you! (apologies for missing that post)
  2. Hi There, I'm getting the following on TBS Driver install: -----------Please wait, downloading tbsos-DVB-Driver-Package------------ ---------------Can't download tbsos-DVB-Driver-Package------------------ This is on: Unraid Version:6.11.0 Kernel:5.19.9-Unraid Anyone else facing similar issues? Libreelec also is not picking up the cards which are 2x tbs6904 quad tuners. - Usually need to use the tbs drivers for the tbs card for tvh. TIA!
  3. Thanks for your reply, i've literally just finished using the kernel helper for 6.9.1 stable. I think I know where I was going wrong, a long time ago I was using the unraid Nvidia, and Unraid DVB Plugins. They overwrote each other not your drivers. Re-looking just now I see there are two plugins I need in your Repo, Nvidia Driver, and DVB Driver. Thanks for your efforts! I'll try them next build rather than the Kernel Builder. p.s the Kernel Builder has been amazing.
  4. Quick Question - I use your kernel helper because previously I can't use the community applications plugins. This is because I need both the Nvidia, AND the DVB Plugins. (TVH Decoding with Nvidia + The drivers for the DVB Cards). When I previously tried the plugins they seemed to overwrite the stuff needed for the other. Is using the Unraid Kernel Helper still the way to go for this situation? If I need to create a new thread happy to.