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  1. Hi. I've been having a bit of issue with my connection status, it's constantly yellow, which I believe to be firewalled or port related. I'm using Wireguard, but I'm hosting the Wireguard server on a remote server I have. I'm able to transfer data, so the Wireguard connection is good, it's just not going green. I'm at a bit of a loss as where to start and was hoping you could point me in the right direction. I don't know if I need to change something in the docker config or on my Wireguard server.
  2. The share is multimedia. By directly, I mean download a file from a remote server, via an FTP client on my PC, with the multimedia share as the destination (as it's mapped as a network drive). Thank you for the warning on the drives. I am aware of those, I believe it's a result of the crappy pci card I'm using. I have an LSI SAS 9210-8i on the way.
  3. When I download a file via SFTP directly to a share mapped as a network drive in Windows, that uses the nvme cache drive, the speeds max out around 600Mbps. However, if I download the same file to my desktop, via SFTP, I get 1Gbit down just fine. If I then copy it to the same share, I get the full 1Gbit LAN speeds too. My router is a UDM, so it should be more than capable of handling 1Gbit. It's CPU usage while downloading directly to the cache is 17%. My PC has a 5900X, currently sat at 2% usage, so I don't think the bottleneck is there either. My Unraid server has an i5-11400 that isn't sweating either. If everything works over LAN, why is it suddenly slower when downloading direct to cache?
  4. Oh I see, it's a cheap 2 port sata expansion card because Chia pushed the price of LSI HBAs through the roof. Perhaps I need to buy an HBA now the prices are cheaper. What are the potential problems with this? As far as I'm aware, those two drives aren't actually part of the array but mounted as unassigned devices.
  5. What's the process to replicate "chia start farmer-no-wallet"? I use a cold wallet, so I only want the fullnode and the harvester.
  6. I've been troubleshooting a problem for months. Essentially, on my Ubiquiti UDM it would, at random, disconnect all LAN clients and I would have to login via a WiFi client to restart in order to reconnect the LAN clients. For troubleshooting purposes, I have since moved back to my ISP router (it was in modem mode). The problem is still occurring. As best I can tell, it started around the same time I created some VMs and stops occurring if I disconnect the Unraid server. I have 3 Window 10 VMs and one Ubuntu server VM. They're all using default settings, br0 and virtio-net etc. I'm at a total loss as to how to go about solving this and would welcome any ideas anyone has.
  7. Currently, the forks all use Chia plots. You build the wallet from your Chia mnemonic and can use your key and plots on the other network. I currently have Chia (Machinaris), Chaingreen and Flax (Win10 GUIs) all farming the same plots. I don't know a whole lot about dockers and how they work, so I can't comment much. That being said, I imagined just having 3 separate dockers, one for each blockchain.
  8. Would you ever consider modifying this to work with the new Chia forks (Chaingreen and Flax)? Seems their folder and file structure and CLI are identical, only differences are the .exe name and the port.
  9. I forgot to check the wiki, sorry. I forget it's a thing on github. Either way, that fixed it, thank you.
  10. This is a fantastic docker, thank you for making it. I'm having a slight issue, my summary page is seeing all 407 plots, but my farming page is only showing the 115 plots in /plots. I added the new plot locations (/plotscf1 etc) to plotman.yaml and config.yaml. The logs don't have any errors in them so I'm not sure what info to provide. Here's a picture of my docker settings: Many thanks.
  11. First off, thank you Dyon for the container, it's the only one that worked for me out of the box. That's no doubt an indicator of my skill level then anything else, but I appreciate the ease! I can't, however, figure out how to make the connection status green, mine stays on yellow. I can still connect to some peers, but I wonder if it's reducing the number I could connect to. I'm using Wireguard, but the Wireguard server is hosted on a remote dedicated server I have. I installed Wireguard server via the Swizzin package. I'm not sure what information is relevant so here's a bunch and hopefully it's what is needed to diagnose my issue. Many thanks
  12. I think this could have been the problem, it's quite a tight fit with a bunch of cables in there. I moved some around to make more space, hopefully it shouldn't happen again if I need to pull the server out.
  13. Solved, but I have a question. I browsed more posts and someone suggest checking the sata cables. It was still clipped in, but out by by less than 1mm. I just pushed on all the cables to be sure and that fixed it. Should I replace the cables or can they really be that delicate?
  14. Unraid 6.9.2 Plugins: Community Applications and Unassigned devices Specs: i5 11400 ASrock H570 Phantom Gaming 4 16GB DDR4 5x HDD onboard SATA 1x NVME onboard m2 I just updated my motherboard bios from 1.30 to 1.70. The bios is wiped on update, so I entered in my previous settings and upon starting the server, my parity drive is now missing. The drive is showing up in bios and I can see it listed as an unassigned device on the Main page. For reference, the drive is sdb. I had a browse through similar posts and someone suggested disabling VT-d, that didn't help. At this point, I'm not sure what to do and would appreciate some help. Thanks.
  15. I'd just like to preface this by saying I'm new to Unraid and dockers etc., so I apologise if I leave out anything important! I can't connect to any of the peers on the torrent. The connection status symbol at the bottom is yellow, although I'm not sure whether that's relevant. When I add a torrent, I announce to the tracker just fine and I can see the total peers and seeds. Initially, I'll connect to a handful of peers but then they'll all disconnect, I don't get any data and I can't connect to them after that. As for my setup. I have a remote dedicated server on which I've installed Wireguard server. I chose the relevant options when installing the docker, placed the .conf file and as far as I'm aware, all is well. The server shows a successful handshake and the magnet test shows my dedicated server IP instead of my home IP. I also added port forwarding rules to my Unifi Dream Machine for the port listed in the client, 6881. I feel like I've probably done something silly though, so I'd appreciate any thoughts or input anyone has. supervisord.log