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  1. Hey man, have you had a chance to take a look at this problem? (Datapacks in minecraft) It still occurs for me.
  2. I also have problems removing the runtime folder, I can't seem to delete it which causes me to have alot of empty folders on my drive. Is there any way to remove them?
  3. Hey guys, has anybody been able to get datapacks in a minecraft 1.16.5 server to work using ich777's docker template? I have been trying for a couple days now. The datapacks won't load on my MinecraftBasicServer at all. I copied the world into singleplayer and the datapacks instantly worked. I copied the server on my own pc and ran it and the datapacks intantly worked also. But the datapacks just won't load in unraid using the MinecraftBasicServer. I mean a data pack that allows vanilla minecraft to have 'plugins' (data packs) without the use of buckit/spigot/forge. Bel