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  1. Can you say where did you enter to get into that panel? The url or where to go and what to press? I don't recognize that panel from the screenshot, sorry I'm a noob... EDIT I just realized that's in the docker add path thing
  2. I mounted them through Unassigned Drives, but I don't know how to change the path, i see just something about script path when i tap settings on them (moare smb's) they're all appearing in the main tab
  3. I don't know how exactly to mount it, i just put the \\windowsserver2019\Backups in the smb and yeah... i assumed it taken the credentials from the config i made on the unraid itself when i installed DirSyncPro from the Apps
  4. I got it in the webui on UnRAID, and then it crashed and restarted, i want to send 2TB of data to a local SMB on other machine in the same network
  5. Where i need to add the java arguments for more RAM for DirSyncPro to use? it's giveing me the low memory error, but i don't know where and how and what to put to be able to resoolve that, can someone help please? Sorry for bad english