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  1. Ok thanks for the response. I did that by restricting the maximal SMB protocol to SMB1. But now i cant connect it as a remote share in Unraid. In windows i was able to install support for SMB1 and got it working, but not in Unraid even if NetBIOS is set to yes in SMB settings... Sorry i am a really new to this stuff, thanks for the help!
  2. Hi, love this script. But i ran into the the same problem as someone before when creating an Backup on a Synology NAS. Hardlinks wont get created and so there is alway a full backup. I searched for an "unix extensions" option in the Synology SMB settings but coudnt find one. So i added "unix extensions=yes" into the smb.conf under /etc/samba via Telnet and restarted the NAS, but without success... Does someone have any idea what i am missing? Thanks