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  1. Thanks for the tip, will do. I also added back a few of the other plugins, I now have: CA Mover Tuning Community Applications Dynamix SSD TRIM Dynamix System Information Dynamix System Temperature GPU Statistics Intel GPU TOP Network UPS Tools (NUT) So far so good with the exception of Jun 4 21:14:23 UNRAID usbhid-ups[2553]: nut_libusb_get_string: Pipe error. This is however not new, happened before as well, the UPS is still monitored / working though, will continue to observe, others mentioning the same behavior. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for that info. So far after 3 days running in full i.e. not safe mode with just Community Applications, Dynamix SSD Trim, Dynamix System Information and Dynamix System Temperature Plugins enabled it is running fine. Will enable a few more and test another few days.
  3. ok, thanks, just saw that it had a reference to dynamix which I thought was a person/group that specifically made plugins so I thought it might be remnants of an old one I had installed and deleted or maybe just an extension of one of the three I had installed. I will go ahead and boot in full ie non-safe mode and slowly start activating plugins and only the really necessary ones.
  4. So far so good, a clean syslog, no crashes. It must be a plugin.
  5. Also referred to several times in the syslog is "/usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/scripts/monitor &> /dev/null" relate to, I have several plugins from dynamix, namely SSD Trim, System Information and System Temperature each of which I can correlate to a specific plugin folder path but not the "monitor &> " one.
  6. ok, will try it in safe mode and report back my findings later this week, thanks.
  7. Memtest ran for 18 hours, 13 passed tests with 0 errors. What I also question is line 2258 of the syslog, specifically "May 21 11:03:20 UNRAID emhttpd: Unregistered - flash device blacklisted (EBLACKLISTED2)" Does that not mean that Unraid believes the key is invalid? The USB drive and unraid have been running for 4 months without an issue, nothing was changed, I bought the unraid license and then the plus addon about 6-12 months ago. I did a full write/read and compare on the flash drive with Flash Drive Tester v1.14, zero errors.
  8. Will do, probably overnight, I need a certain somebody to give me back my vga cable so I can connect a monitor, will report back with the findings.
  9. My system has been running stable without issues for a good 3-4 months now which is how long it has been online. Since a few days I get errors in my syslog which I need help to determine what they are, I am new to all this. syslog zip attached. No hardware has been changed, system only sees light use, mainly for plex and smb shares. I update plugins and dockers from time to time. We have had no power outtages, it is also running on a pure sine UPS just in case. I put the USB stick into a windows pc to try and find errors, it did not, I also ran chkdsk with /f /r /x no errors found. If I connect to the web dashboard I can view several unraid pages / tabs for about a minute, then the system becomes unresponsive and the only thing I can do is a hard reset via power-button. Anyone have any ideas, thanks for your help. I also see a reference to a blacklist in the syslog, what is that?
  10. Very interesting and thanks for pointing that out, I probably would not have arrived at that conclusion myself any time soon. I will perform a few tests, just to see this behavior myself and in a controlled manner. Thanks very much for your help thus far! Update: Yup, I can confirm this behavior, I created two folders in the cache_ssd_data/downloads share, one named "moved with krusader" and one "moved with smb" and then moved them accordingly to the movies subfolder within the media share. Using the shell to access each cache disk directly sure enough the krusader one ended up in cache_ssd_data/media/movies and the smb one ended up in cache_ssd_media/media/movies. Well, at least I know why now, just have to move them all with SMB from now on I guess.
  11. I read the part which states: "2. The Linux command for Move and Rename are the same, mv. So when you try to move files from one user share to another, Linux will often simply rename the files so they have a different path on the same disk, in violation of any user share settings such as included disks. The workaround for this is to copy from source to destination, so that new files get created following the user share settings, then deleting from the source." In my scenario I am moving from share "downloads" on "cache_ssd_data" to "media" on "cache_ssd_media", I would hope linux/unraid realizes the source and destination are in fact two different drives. However it seems to be in some cases simple creating the same media folder hierarchy on "cache_ssd_data", strange.
  12. I use Krusader which is running in a docker to move files from the downloads share to the media share, I sometimes also do this from a windows computers accessing the shares via smb in file explorer.
  13. a jdownloader docker downloads to a "downloads" share which itself is located on "cache_ssd_data" which is setup to when full move to array disk2.
  14. There are no programs that auto download to the media share, I manually move files into their respective sub-folders such as TV, Movies etc. The only thing that does access it is a plex docker but I do not see how that could be responsible for reading from one cache drive and distributing to another. Either that or the unraid filesystem is immediately dispersing the files I move into that share across several drives but based on my understanding of the settings and how I have it configured I do not understand why or how it would be doing that.