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  1. The containers pull the open, close, high, low & volume data from their respective sources, for each of the configured stock or coin.
  2. Ah that's awesome, I didn't know that - thanks!
  3. Hey folks! I'm somewhat new to Unraid, and would like to share my setup to get any advice or feedback from those wiser than I I've got 2x Unraid machines, brief details below: NIXSERVER Hardware: - Intel® Core™ i3-8100 - AMD RX 570 8GB - 16 GB DDR4 - 2x 2TB Seagate Barracuda & 2TB Parity - 240GB Sandisk SSD Cache Drive Purpose: Runs apps, i.e. my Plex server, Nginx proxy, several databases, Git repo, Docker container reg, Grafana, various data ingesters, other homemade apps (typically websites), & PhoenixAMD m
  4. Yeah I've pinged Squid a message with the details!
  5. Hey folks, I'm a fairly new Unraid user and have been loving the platform so far! I'm also a bit of a nerd with some dev experience, so naturally stared tinkering with building a few containers. I like to do data analysis (read as: make pretty graphs), build/ingest API's (hoard data) and trade (set money alight). Which brings me to the containers: Alpaca to InfluxDB What is Alpaca? Alpaca is an API first stock brokerage, providing real-time market data. What is InfluxDB? InfluxDB is an open-source time series database. Alpaca-to-InfluxDB
  6. @lnxd Maybe worth mentioning it's an 8 GB model of the RX 570 in here
  7. @lnxd yeah, after some google-fu people seem to be able to get a bit more juice. I'm gonna take a look into how I can tweak the card settings (without having Windows & the Radeon performance tuning window) - you got any steers? I've done some mining on the RX 580, but since it's on my desktop which i'm using all day for work video calls and all night being a nerd it's a bit awkward. Might end up switching the cards around. I'll at least have a look into a way to setup something to throttle mining during the day on the desktop if I do start using it.
  8. Ah, that was for a different card (RX 580 in my desktop). The Unraid box has a MSI RADEON RX 570 ARMOR 8G OC. Don't think that option did much 😅
  9. @lnxd ooh, no I don't think I do. I've done it on Windows boxes with the Radeon GUI, how do I do that for an Unraid box?
  10. Hey man, thanks! Got the miner & stats up and running pretty easily with my meagre RX 570 👍