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  1. Hi mate, thanks for responding. It now appears to be working :). Will let you know if things go weird again. Appreciate it was PIA and not the docker, thanks for confirming this.
  2. Mate I just discovered this issue myself now and came googling looking for a solution. I updated the docker about 45 mins ago and now the webui won't load up. Looked at the logs and I'm getting the exact same error. @binhex any idea what's happend?
  3. My ISP provide me with a static IP address. I've decided to go with binhex-qbittorrentvpn. My VPN is PIA. Selected a Port forwarding server. Can connect and download torrents inside my LAN But I want to remotely access Qbittorrent when away from my network e.g. via a remote app such as NZB360 or other. How do I do this please? What is the configuration in Qbittorrent?
  4. Hi all, new to unraid. Got this docker setup with PIA and using a location that offers portforwarding. I can access the webui on my local internet no problem. But how do I access it remotely via an app to manage torrents away from home? I'm using nzb360 android app and it's fantastic. Before embracing Unraid, via windows qbittorent on the webui remote setup, I entered in my VPN port number instead of 8080. But I can't see what my vpn port is on unraid
  5. Hi Unraid version 6.9.1 So I'm trying to get delugevpn setup on my server. I'm watched this video and I've entered in the IP address of my router under LAN_NETWORK. However when I Start>WebUI the webpage opens up as my Server IP address and says "SITE CAN'T BE REACHED". I also tried disabling the VPN too under VPN_ENABLED and it still says "SITE CAN'T BE REACHED" How do I fix this please?
  6. I know what I'm about to say isn't preferential!! But my circumstances are the reason for this post. Just started unRAID (currently going through the HDDs, Parity setup). I'm not planning on VMs or anything fancy like that yet. I've temp moved one of my mesh network nodes to the room the unRAID server is located so I can connect via gigabit ethernet for the setup. I do not want the mesh node in there permanently. My server has a Intel AX200 PCIe Wi-fi 6 PCIe card in. Says it supports Linux Kernel 5.1+. Once I've done the setup, is there a way I can have my unRAID connect to my network via Wi-fi instead of gigabit ethernet? If so, how please? Running a cable all the way to where the unRAID server is located is a massive, massive pain and the mesb node being there isn't beneficial to me. Many thanks
  7. Same position as Travis, I've also be very interested if you had any luck with this?