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  1. Hi After moving my server to a new location I have experienced that my docker image often crashes and wont work. I have tied to recreate the docker.img multiple times but always ended back with it crashing. I tried to role back from unraid OS 6.9.1 instead of 6.9.2 but ended up with the same error. unraid-diagnostics-20210807-1026.zip
  2. HI. thanks for making such a great software! I tried to play around with label mapping by changing "person" to "human". i have downloaded the coco_label.txt and changed its name to labelmap.txt and placed it in "/mnt/user/appdata/frigate/labelmap/". In this process I had troubles with making it work. I have tried the two following ways of mounting the labelmap.txt file without any luck: With the /labelmap.txt unraid gives the error "bad parameter" In my config.yaml file i have added the "objects" variable like so: