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  1. Yes this worked Thanks! i suggest to anyone who does this copy your drive listings first you may need to know their order later.
  2. just ran these steps on a lsi sas 9300-16i completed the command and the flash fine. but know when i reboot it tells me drives are missing stale config. Any advice? Edit: All my disks are visible in unraid they now have slightly different names. I don't know what to do, to get them back in their right spots.
  3. I would like multiple arrays for what I think is a unique edge case. I would like a second array for use of special purpose drives like WD Purple drives to store my backup security cam footage. I would like to keep my reds for all the other data in a separate array.
  4. yes i think it may be the sas plane. I moved that entire row up to the top bays of my case and all the drive are recognized. I looks like i will need a new case but norco is out of business. guess I will be ebay shopping.
  5. I just move the drive to a different bay in the case and it now is seen by the unraid . Im wondering if my sas plane is going dead.
  6. ok i will just order a new HBA but the drives are still missing and now I only have the 9300 installed at this time.
  7. I just removed and rebooted the problem still occurs
  8. I do see 16 drives on the HBA listed in the bios at boot up. and the error about the l2/l3 cache is for the new card that has only two drives thus far that I haven't even incorporated into unraid.
  9. Here are the diagnostics
  10. [Update] I rebooted once more with a monitor attached. I am getting a message about an l2/l3 cache issue. this message itself is intermittent. I do not consistently get this after rebooting a second time. First Post, Not a Linux guy My issue is I have random drives that are showing up as missing after reboot. Sometimes they reappear but it is really strange. I have an old LSI card that has been rock solid for years 9300-16i. I just added a new 9321-4i in JBOD mode. This is when the issues with the first card(9300-16i) started to occur. I am not sure what to do to fix the issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks