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  1. That is no problem. In that case i think it would be wise to put everything on the docker_pool and then manually move the vm to the other pool. so how do i do this?
  2. I want In the docker_pool the system and app data shares, and in the vm_pool I want the domains. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  3. okay, it's late where I am anyway. I'll look wait until tomorrow
  4. with the plugins "backup / restore appdata" and "vm backup". do you think it is possible to delete the shares and pools, make 2 new pools and put back the backup? becouse than it is with a brand new instalation.
  5. I just realized that the same type and brand of SSD is used for both caches. could this have caused the problem?
  6. no. i only follow the instruction videos and only looked in those shares, when i created them and when i got a notification from the plugin Fix Common Problems.
  7. @trurlhere all dockers have there appdata linked to /mnt/user/appdata drakenhoard-diagnostics-20220320-0103.zip
  8. @trurl i use krusader to move files. is that what you mean?