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  1. Thank you guys for your kind and quick support. A reboot indeed seems to have solved the problem for now and the rebuild of the parity drive is currently in progress. As you suggested I'm planning to buy a new SATA Controller, though. Thanks again for your support. Cheers
  2. Hi trurl, I just checked. It's the ones that are not connected to the Marvell controller. Do you think it's save to turn Unraid off and swap one of the unmountable drives over to the remaining SATA Port on the Marvell Controller? Thanks for your help
  3. Hey guys, right now i am having a tough time with unraid. Yesterday Unraid informed me that my 2tb paritys SMART value of "reallocated sector count" is continously rising. Today i bought a new 4tb hdd, stopped my array, put out the damaged parity plate, replaced it with the new 4tb one(hotswap) and assigned it to the parity slot in unraid.(the array was emulated the whole time) The rebuild of the array started and after around 20 percent i noticed that im getting a 503 error in the OpnSense webui ( which was running in a Virutal Machine in unraid) so i restarted the VM. The VM nev