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  1. Changed custom br0 to and made sure the SERVER IP variable was the same. Fired right up! I feel a little dumb now but at least I am a dummy with less ads floating around. :) Will make the new changes in my router and I'll be back in business!!! Thank you Squid. Your help was MUCH appreciated!
  2. Anyone have an idea or a few cycles to help me out?? Any time I try to reinstall pihole I get the following output. As mentioned previously I've checked TCP/UDP ports 53, UDP port 67 and TCP port 80, 443 to ensure nothing else was using them. As I understand it ports 53 and 67 are the big ones. Nothing is using them. Port 443 is being utilized by nginx. Changing any of the ports does not seem to make any difference. It is as if there is some network config data still linked from the previous instance of the pihole container that did not get removed properly associa
  3. I've been reading and digging deeper. I read that sometimes the error can occur if the port is already in use. I SSH into Unraid and ran some checks using the lsof command to see if the Pihole ports were already in use. None of the ports seem to be in use. Next I tried changing from custom br0 (needed for Pihole to work properly) to Host. The app then amazingly does start!!! So I tried changing it to bridge to see what would happen which fails the same way as using custom br0. So I feel like I am closer but not sure what is involved here that could be crashing Piho
  4. I could use some expert help. I installed a SSD cache drive and was attempting to move all docker apps off the array and onto the cache drive. I failed....... I have since removed all other docker apps and started again but this time installing all the apps again on the cache drive instead. The only app that refuses to come back gracefully is Pihole Template. I receive the following error running pihole after deleting and re-installing pihole-template from CA: "Execution error Error code 403" I have tried removing pihole and ensuring that the appdata fold