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  1. My cache maxed out, corrupted and had to be reformated.. I had just started the unraid server 3 days before fresh because of issues.. I reformatted it but have no confidence in the app data backup.. should I just restart again? I have all my important data still on my main hhd... is there a way to just empty the system and start over completely? 100 percent wipe?
  2. OMG hours..... You are my hero lol! Thank you so much. I didnt even notice this at the top until @Frank1940suggested. Thank you both!
  3. kk thank you I will look again.
  4. Sorry to post quickly again but this is the picture of what I believe the issue to be.
  5. Hello, I am unable to use this to delete an sql database that was left behind when I deleted nextcloud and mariadb. I have tried to find a solution and just cant figure it out. It says only "nobody" has the authority. Any help would be wonderful. running 6.9.2. Pretty newbie too.
  6. I also have the entire chat in my email if that would help Asteel
  7. Update on this apparently the others wont work... but they say that this will work and then they sent me this gibberish lol not easy for a newbie there is no tutorial i have seen for this.... Thanks! Asteel
  8. Hi, So I think this would be the proper thread?? Hopefully. I spoke with a Nord VPN Rep a Little bit ago and he said that it was possible to use Nord VPN in a docker but that i would just have to sort of figure it out lol. I took some screenshots and then was going to link the site he sent me. I have a 3 year subscription to them so I would love to use Nord if I could and the way this looks it would still have most of the app functionality. I however am a total newb! (day 5 maybe after building my Nas lol) I was hoping if I provided the info someone could help me piece it together :"D
  9. The fix took a few days but included clearing CMOS, removing ram, listening for the chimes... I had to pull the 24pin and 2x 8 pin for it to finally post. Now I am happy as can be. Thank you all for suggestions and help!
  10. I was able to find this on reddit but they are talking like its a chip that can just be removed. I have the manual open here and i just don't see it. "Posted by u/featheredtar 4 years ago ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS mobo doesn't POST when my new ASMB6-iKVM remote management console is installed The ASMB6-iKVM is a chip that allows one to remotely restart/manage a workstation computer independently of the OS. I recently installed it in my Asus Z9PE-D8 WS mobo. After flashing the firmware, the Q-code diagnostic display on the mobo does an 80 second countdown procedure which allows t
  11. I found this but had no idea if it was what I was looking for tbh
  12. ASUS Motherboard Z9PR-D12 Socket 2011 w/ 2 x Xeon E5-2630 v2 CPU /1U heatsink 20tb HDD 500GB SSD 25 GB flash lol I am so lost. Thank anyone who can give any advice!! The mobo has 3 ethernet ports. I shut down the ASMB6 through the maintenance and then unplugged the network cable that controls this gui. But from what I read it is either saved in the motherboard or it is attached to something on the motherboard? I cant find a little control unit like they showed. do i need to like flash it or buy one of these? or is it just a wash? it was running unraid just fine
  13. This is running when I called asus they refused to help without me paying... did the mobo loose its IT mode?