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  1. Hello and thank you guys for the help. I have ordered And I am thinking of ordering as a back up. Do you guys know if these will work correctly? Thank you for any help!! -Asteel
  2. It won't allow them to be selected at all. Also under server management the lan section is literally a blank screen so... I think buying a 30 dollar network card was easier than trying to troubleshoot at this point. I am way to sick to try and figure out all of the terminal stuff to update everything. Honestly I'm happy to have a clue what went wrong tbh so thank you guys for helping me solve that... I just have no idea how it occurred.
  3. Thank you I will take a look into this. I did update the asus but it also uses american megatrends... I will try to update this
  4. would anyone be willing to help walk me through installing this lan driver? I have the drives but I have no understanding of how these install commands work readmeforinteldriver.txt
  5. I found the drivers for my onboard lan... I have no idea how they just disappeared but i have no idea now how to load those drivers onto the motherboard @Frank1940
  6. I understand what your saying now. This is silly do you think i just need to do the Asus easy update thing for my motherboard? I know its not an unraid issue now... I'm sorry... SMH at myself
  7. this is what my network is popping up like on this new usb... still not connecting to anything. could it be my issue lies with the pci device config files?
  8. The first one is my pc config and it is connected perfectly.... The second and third pic are the connected lan cables that work with no problems used on other devices. The next few pictures are from config files. I am so lost and... sick... all I want to do is enjoy my plex movies while I am in bed sick. Thank you, Asteel
  9. I did as you said and made a full backup first. @Frank1940 Thank you so much for replying to me. This is honestly driving me crazy.