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I think I have butchered the settings on my unraid flashdrive. Think I need to start over....


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My unraid server is not connecting to the network whatsoever. My router does not even recognize that 2 lan cables are plugged into it. I only have like 2 dockers I care about... plex and deluge...

I would like to keep my plugins but those can always be redone... 

I have multiple terabites of information on my plex and deluge and really dont want to loose them... 

What files would I need to transfer to a new usb..... or do I even need a new usb... I am just so lost and I am sorry if this makes very little since... 

Basically I want to start over the network.... I dont care how I need to do it but my unraid has been down for weeks and this is the only method I can think of really working...

If it is possible to just move like plugins, shares, pools, ect I think this would be easiest for me.

Thank you so much for your help!


My unraid usb.png

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The only way I can access my unraid is via unraid os gui mode. So... I do have some access to it and it does run via this method... but I cannot do anything since it has no network connection. 

FYI this was all working perfectly until about 3 weeks ago. I have no idea what changed but I just tried to log in one day and it didn't work.




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Start by uploading the Diagnostics file in your next post.    You can get the diagnostics file by    Tools   >>>   Diagnostics    


The file will be written in your case to   /logs    folder on your Flash Drive.  Be sure to shut the server down BEFORE you pull the Flash Drive from the server.  (It can be shutdown properly from the 'Array Operation' section on the "MAIN" tab.


Uploading this file will give the Gurus some information to help you with the next steps.

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The first one is my pc config and it is connected perfectly....

The second and third pic are the connected lan cables that work with no problems used on other devices. 

The next few pictures are from config files.

I am so lost and... sick... all I want to do is enjoy my plex movies while I am in bed sick.

Thank you, 


pc config file.png



pc settings.png

ident config 1.png

ident config 2.png

network-rules config.png

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That's not the issue.  The problem is that your BIOS itself doesn't even recognize the NICs, which is way before any driver gets involved.  Update the BIOS?  Verify there's no way in the manual to disable the NICs via a jumper or something.


If the BIOS itself can't recognize the NICs, there's zero chance of any OS recognizing them (and as trurl pointed out Unraid doesn't see the card at all, because the BIOS doesn't)

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43 minutes ago, Asteel said:

Thank you I will take a look into this. I did update the asus but it also uses american megatrends... I will try to update this




What happens if you arrow down to the 'Onboard LAN1 MAC' and enter the <ENTER>.  The <+>/<-> keys will probably allow to select the options that the BIOS software provides.  (Look at that text box in the lower right of the Screenshot in your post quote in this post for how to navigate the BIOS screen and make changes to its settings!)

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It won't allow them to be selected at all. Also under server management the lan section is literally a blank screen so... 

I think buying a 30 dollar network card was easier than trying to troubleshoot at this point. 

I am way to sick to try and figure out all of the terminal stuff to update everything. 

Honestly I'm happy to have a clue what went wrong tbh so thank you guys for helping me solve that... I just have no idea how it occurred.

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