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  1. That was it! and it works now! I've been running 6.9.2 for a while now so did not thought about reverting back to 6.9.1... Hope this gets fixed in the future. For now thank you very much!
  2. Since i've updated my cpu from a G4400 to a intel i5 7400, I'm experiencing random freezes/lock-ups in my unraid server. I've read many topics and most of the time they have to check the syslog but with me, nothing appears in the syslog. Sometimes the server runs for more than a week without issues and sometimes just after a few days. Is there a way to enable a more verbose option of the syslog which includes just everything? The error occurred yesterday (06-07-21), but I discovered it, this morning that it wasn't working anymore. The kernel error can be ignored, this is caused by another topic of mine and Domoticz tries to activate the usb z-wave and doesn't succeed. cdc_acm 1-10:1.0: acm_port_activate - usb_submit_urb(ctrl irq) failed In Domoticz I can see that energy data has been collected till 05:15. In the Syslog I can see that data is written till Jul 6 05:19:24 but then again, this only caused by domoticz otherwise their would have been no data on why the server just stopped working and does nothing till 07-07-21. There was a topic about putting dockers in a seperate vlan to prevent server from freezing. Is still applicable for unraid 6.9.2? syslog-
  3. Hello all, TLDR: I'm getting USB kernel errors when passing through a z-wave USB stick to a domoticz docker and I don't know what is causing it. I'm running Unraid 6.9.2 and I've been using a z-wave USB stick in combination with a Debian VM that has domoticz installed for a while now, which worked perfectly. However using a complete VM for just running domoticz is kind of overkill so I decided to move to the domoticz docker from Linuxserver. I've two devices passed to the docker and both are connected to a 2.0 USB port on the motherboard. P1 USB (in unraid known as /dev/ttyUSB0) Z-wave USB stick (in unraid known as /dev/ttyACM0) Settings used domoticz docker: privilleges = true Settings in Unraid GO file: chmod 777 /dev/ttyUSB0 chmod 777 /dev/ttyACM0 The P1 converter is working after changing the chmod settings but the Z-wave usb keeps crashing. The errors I get: Domoticz: "Error: Zwave adapter: OpenZWave: Driver Failed!!" Unraid: kernel: cdc_acm 1-10:1.0: acm_port_activate - usb_submit_urb(ctrl irq) failed Using the z-wave usb within the VM, made the VM responsible for the drivers etc. but now those have to be supplied by Unraid. The weird thing is, that I've seen the Z-wave usb work once in the Domoticz docker and I was able to switch a light. At first I suspected that USB extender cable was causing the issues but connecting the z-wave usb directly to the motherboard didn't change a thing. So it doesn't looks like a driver issue because then it wouldn't have worked at all. All that remains is this weird kernel error that has never been reported by any other users on this forum. If you have any ideas or things to check, please let me know! Thanks! syslog-