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  1. Thank you for your response! I followed SpaceInvaderOne guide to setup OpenVpn - AS and Pihole. In my router settings i changed DNS to Pihole Ip address, and i installed Open Vpn on my desktop and my phone and i imported ovpn file on both from the webgui. If not Pihole, what else for blocking ads? Thank you!
  2. Hello guys! Today i restarted my sever after four weeks since setup and i have these entries in my log. In System Devices tab i have IOMMU group 6 with option to bind to VFIO at boot as seen in picture 2. I am very new to unraid and still learning things. Thank you!
  3. How do i make Pihole to work with Open Vpn-AS? Every time OpenVpn is enabled on my PC or smartphone ads aren't blocked anymore. Thank you!