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  1. Hoping to bounce this back into the hearts and minds of the mod team, now that the holidays are done. Thank you!
  2. Could I please change "Looking Glass Unraid" to "TryRebooting.Tech Unraid"? Please and thank you!
  3. Did a little search and found this post. VERY helpful, thank you. This also works on an NVIDIA Quadro p2200.
  4. I think that did it. Thank you so much for going above and beyond and helping me out with an issue in the middle of a weekend. You didn't cause the problem, but you sure stepped up and helped me fix it, and I appreciate that. Cheers!!!
  5. I'm like 100% sure I'm dead in the water until support gets back to me, does anyone know if they answer emails on the weekend? I'm good and screwed right now.
  6. I did that already, it was a no-go. All my ports are usb 2 as well. I don't think the SanDisk key I had was working all that well, it's an issue with the thumb drive itself from what I can tell.
  7. I've sent an email to support already, there might not be much else I can do. Last night, I needed to reboot to add drive #15 to my array. The reboot was not smooth. Unraid came up with a random IP address, and the console did not have my personal login. There was an error that Bond0 was not found. As it turns out, my USB drive which I just replaced a week ago was not reading properly. I spend a day desperately trying to get the same drive to work. I restored from backups, I tried UEFI and non UEFI booting, I used the USB creator on different USB ports and different machines, and I used different USB ports on the server itself to boot from. Nothing worked. Finally, this morning I gave up and tried a totally different USB key. Instant success. But I literally just replaced my USB key this week, so as expected this will not let me start the array as my key is "invalid". I'm desperate to get this going, this is a production server with 100 users. It's at my home, but it's still a production server in a sense, because of the external users. I really can't wait 3 days to get this going, it's a 100 TB data storage server and we have deadlines. I take full responsibility for the current outage, this isn't Limewire's fault. Still, I do need there help to get it back up and running. Is there anything I can do to expedite the process?