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  1. now it works perfect with the password, thanks
  2. yes, whole process strictly follow the new method, I tried to create a new image and redo the su vncpasswd parameter things again. still the same log that the docker falled into a loop, I tried to use the docker terminal and get the error msg "Error response from daemon: Container 7bf0e24102efa03a307e8ef6850ee3cd41afd39050ebb7ec4c6168fa310e31d6 is restarting, wait until the container is running"
  3. I tried to remove the variable and still couldnt connect , I strictly follow the process as the Firefox docker ( first su $user, than vncpassword, then add the variable)
  4. Thanks man, I update the image and follow the method, after I edit the password and the parameters, the docker seems failed to start, I couldn't connect to the server (before the password config, the containter is ok) . Please check the log of the docker, it seems the docker fall into a loop but I cant figure out where the problem is.
  5. surely i can wait, now I switch back to firefox docker to use vnc passwd certifacate, also thanks for the future update
  6. does this also works for chrome docker? I tried this in chrome docker but not passwd required yet.