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  1. When I originally set up sonarr/radarr/prowlarr to run through deluge vpn I did it all remotely and after doing some bits in the containers like changing to localhost it all works completely fine when I remote in to the server through openvpn. However when I try accessing locally I can't access the webgui, does anyone know why this is and how I can get it to work? Now if I want to access sonarr/radarr/prowlarr locally I have to connect through openvpn for it to work which while not a massive deal is annoying and I'd like to understand why it doesn't work with just the servers local ip and port number. (deluge vpn and all other containers not running through deluge can be accessed normally locally). Fixed: For anyone else that looks at this having the same problem make sure you add the port numbers in VPN_INPUT as well as creating the port variables.