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  1. you can copy over the DB folder from the windows too machy. you can also add the windows node to machy via ip on the windows machine
  2. Machy is just an new gui over some popular systems for chia. what realy does the plotting is plotman. my guess its puts new plots in the lowes line folder. You might want so read up on Archiving here
  3. everything is gold. just that error. any differences between mnt and tmp, other then location? Thanks. Also as a fot note, just moved my nvme (temp) to Unassigned Devices from pool devices, holy moly i went from 200+ min too 80 min. what the balls.
  4. Is it normal for the plugin Fixcommonproblems to put an error on this? or did i do something?
  5. its only an Chia update. so no worries. the chia update adresses sync problems. do the update at good not plotting time
  6. aha i see. the summary shows total chia farmed, not the chia in the wallet. so thats why. thats also why that one mojo from the faucet was missing too. maybe add that text Total chia "farmed"? thanks.
  7. thanks for replying. the wallet page shows correct info and its synced, its been over 24hours, have tried to restart the docker.
  8. Hi hallo. first, love the docker. one...two questions, any plan on makeing transactions page? no, biggi just thought of it when my second question came up, front page, coin info wont update after i sent some coins, witch i did in cli hence my first question. something i need to change or should i report it as an bug? Also, guess this is Chiadog bug, but it gave me a Cha-ching in the logs after i did an transaction from my wallet too, what a bummer when no coin came and i saw it happend at the same time as i did my transaction, lol.