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  1. Yeah, that's exactly what I did so far, so from that perspective I should be fine. As long as that is the correct messurement So guess I need to just wait and see and hope for the best ^^ Thank you!
  2. Yeah, throwing away would hurt indeed. But on the other hand, I could use that space for something else. Tough decision. But at least it's good to know, it is possible - So I might just continue. The only thing I am just not sure about is, how to determine, if I could "technically" win. As far as I know, there are some time limits on farm responding time. How do I figure out, if I am fast enough - So that I could win, if I am lucky enough. Would be pretty bad to have the chance but loose it due to the system setup. Any tipps on that? Thank you
  3. Hmm, okay. I am at ~190 Plots and will max out at ~360 Plots when I fill my whole free space. While plotting I am working actively on killing the SSD... If the chances to farm any coin are so unlikely, what's the point in continuing. As far as I know, pools require to throw away all plots and start over again to kill another SSD... Funny how "Independant currency for everybody" turned into "Rich become leveraged Richer"
  4. I am still not deep enough into the whole topic, but I for myself can say: Adjusting the clock didn't fix the sync issue. For me it's even worse, the syncing stopped completely. Right now I am far behind the blockchain, which makes farming impossible. Will have to recreate the container. That's why I still don't understand the official FAQ which states, that the clock shouldn't be more than 5 minutes off. At least for the docker container it seems to be wrong. Or there are additional issues, the docker container have. Because of that I plan to move away from it and don't use the chia docker as a full node for now. Running two full nodes could be possible, but not with the same ports and keys. And maybe also not with the same plots. I don't know if the plots are portable, I think it's possible to migrate them to another key, but they can not be used of two farmers at the same time. At least it would make sense like that Not sure, what will happen if there are two full nodes with the same keys and ports running in the network at the same time, but I would expect it will disturb each other. The log_stdout: true writes the logs into the standard output, so it is no longer logging into a file. So of course the log file is empty. If your unraid is not grabbing the stdout and writes logs itself, there's no file to find the logs. If I am not wrong ^^"
  5. Thank you again for the very detailed answer! I can't wait to get my hands on the pi, I hope I get it installed - Some things you explain sound pretty complex, like getting the OS on the SSD. I thought I could boot from the SD ans install it on the SSD like in normal computers Not sure how to flash the SSD on my PC without a external m.2 port ^^ Oh, I saw that there are bundles at berrybase and ordered it, which includes the official power supply. I searched for the two mentioned ones, but I only found them on amazon, but they are not available. So it seems like, those are pretty hard to get? Sitting in Europe as well, so no idea, where to get it. What if I use the official one, will it give me a headache? What could I do, if I don't find any store selling those PSUs?
  6. Sadly I didn't solve it yet. I ordered a pi4 now and will change my setup, so I'll run the full node on that pi device and using my unraid server for harvesting only. I tried fixing the clock, rebuild the container alot of times but my wallet was never synced since ever. I have no idea, what the ploblem is. I wanted to post my log here, but right know it's again way to large to be helpful. Tonight I will rebuild the container again, clear the log and let it run for some time and see, if I can get back to that point, where the node is fully synced and the farmer is running. If my wallet is then still not synced I will post my log files here and hope someone here has an idea, what the actual issue is.
  7. If everything is in sync, don't worry. For me fixing the time caused a lot of trouble. I still need to confirm it, but there is a change I lost 2 days of plotting due to chaning the clock, because right now the node is not seeing any of the plots I created since I changed the clock, so better don't do it, especially if everything works!
  8. Thank you so much, for the detailed reply I ordered the pi4 with your recommended case I hope I get it installed easily ^^ May I ask if it would be okay to contact you, in case of questions? ^^" Generally it should work, I#ll use the sd card to install linux on the ssd and try to get it running - I hope I will be able to move my keys and everything from the docker container to the pi and it will still work. Not sure, if the plots are kind of bound to my keys or if I could just get new ones, since I am in the 0 XCH club anyway Right know, it seems, my node is not getting all my plots right, maybe I broke something by changing the clock to my time zone, I still have some plots running, so I cant rebuild the container to get the default time back. In the worst case I have to delete 16 plots, if they are broken due to the wrong clock... I hope the new setup will then just work, right now it's pretty frustrating. With every day it doesn't work, it will be less likely to ever win a coin I can't add parity, since my system is full of HDDs, I am limited to 4x3,5" and thus I don't want to use a quarter of my available space for parity. It's risky, but I just hope the NAS HDDs are just working fine. One thing I still didn't understand is the plotting with the -f <farmer key> - What key is that? The one the full node prints out when calling chia keys show? Or the one from the harvester container I'll be plotting at?
  9. Yes, around 1-2 pages back, some of us discovered the same issue. Including myself. I tried to enter the container and to run: apt-get systemd to set the correct time. Another option would be installing: apt-get tzdata. There is also an open Pull request on the official chia docker: Not sure if it will solve the issues tbh. Installing it inside the container is only a quick solution, which will be lost when ever the container is rebuild. So not the best solution. Additionally to that, it didn't fix my sync status. I am now kind of more than one hour off and it never reaches the synced status. So it seems to be something different causing these issues. So you can try to get you clock right, but I can't promise it will solve your sync issues.
  10. This sounds like a really nice setup, but I still didn't fully understand, what you need to extend the farm. Which services do you need running for plotting? Can you plot via the harvesters or via the farmer, which is running together with the full node or does it only require the full node? How many farmers you need, how many harvesters? Right now I am storing the plots on the xfs array, since I don't have unassigned devices yet. I'd maybe invest in a pi4, wanted to buy one for a long time anyway but had no project to use it for in mind, so using it as chia node would be a good enough project. I wasn't aware that the pi has a M.2 slot, are there other options to store the system, like a big sd card or is it better to use a ssd? So if I get you right: - There is a pi4 with a m.2 sdd running the full node to accept challenges, syncing the blockchain and handle the wallet and master keys - You have a special rig for plotting, which stores the plots on your unraid server in a share folder of your array (which is optional) - What services does that rig need to run to plot? - You are running harvesters on your unraid system via this container, which accesses the plot folder and are connected to the pi, so the pi running the farmer accepting challenges and the harvesters on your unraid server are responding to those? - You can use the harvesters to create plots from there as well (which is optional)? Or how are you plotting there? So if I wouldn't have a special plotting rig, I can use the unraid system harvesters to do so or do I need to run something else?
  11. Yes I can confirm, it's the same for me. Fixing the timezone alone didn't do the trick. It was syncing, then it was stopping, then syncing again, but after some time it never reached the fully synced status. To be honst, I just don't get it. I expected the docker container to just work, but it clearly doesn't. Chagning things inside the container shouldn't be necessary at all, so maybe it's not in a perfect state yet. It might be a good idea to switch to a GUI. The only issue is, I am a little worried about the performance. When I tried running chia inside a windows vm it was horribly slow.
  12. From the official chia docs: So It can be related, I think. I also have troubles to sync, but even after installing systemd it seems like its not syncing correctly. I have no idea, why the whole docker is causing so much trouble, but I tried to run the GUI in a windows vm on unraid. This. Was. Horrible. The docker container was synced more than twice as fast as the one in the windows vm. So it doesn't seem to be an option. It must work with docker. Because if everything is to slow, one could have a bazillion plots, and would never win, because the reaction of a challenge is to slow... But the docker feels very unstable. For me it syncs, then it stops, then it works, right now after fixing the time it's again not syncing... It's a nightmare. Oh and the wallet never ever synced on my end. Not sure, what is going on there.
  13. I just discovered, it's the same for me. And it seems like it doesn't install some basic stuff inside this ubuntu. I entered the container and ran apt-get systemd It will prompt you to enter your timezone. But The bad thing is, this would be necessary every time the container is rebuild. So that's something the official chia docker needs to fix or we need a custom own docker container to make sure such things are executed on build time...
  14. I use the official chia docker container, which indeed uses the ubuntu 20.04LTS container as a base, but since it's the official chia container, I'd expect they took care of that. Else, everyone who uses the docker, would have the same problem, wouldn't they?