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  1. Err, well let's just say the system works a bit better when the RAM is snapped in all the way. 🙃🙃 I do have a nice new Power Supply though. Looks like I'm up & running. The web interface is super slick. I'm liking it so far. Anyway, I'm on to the new user guide and in full tinker mode
  2. So I've picked up that Mobo/CPU combo, found a case that works well, and I'm finally making some progress on my build. I've installed the CPU & Cooler, RAM, and Power supply. I fired the system up with (and without) my Unraid USB connected, just to check for signs of life. I'm getting a power LED, the CPU fan spins up, and the LED on my USB stick lights up. However, I'm not getting any signal on the display and no lights on the keyboard or mouse. On the page below, all of the compatible PSU's that I've looked at have an 8-pin EPS connector. I'm using a dinosaur of
  3. Well, I searched for this board and stumbled across what seems to be a pretty good deal. I can get it in a combo with an i7-9700k (pretty much identical to your rig) for $300usd. I've reserved it because I can't imagine doing any better on price vs performance. Thanks a bunch, your recommendation really led me to a great combo and the board seems awesome with all of the sata/nvm/pci. I still need to find ram and hdd's but that should be pretty easy. This is a great future-proof but well-priced start.
  4. sorry, by "resource" I meant a link to a guide that would help me to select a chipset & motherboard that would best meet the needs I listed in the OP. I now know that 4 SATA ports is not enough, but it looks like there are quite a few boards with 6 ports. That would support a cache drive, parity drive and 4 data drives. From there I could add a controller and expand to more drives
  5. Awesome! Thanks for the info! I think that I've pretty much got the CPU side of things figured out. I need 7th gen or better, and Passmark score isn't a massive consideration since i'll have QSV. I do need to brush up on the motherboard and chipset side of things. Is there a resource - preferably Unraid specific - that you would recommend?
  6. HI folks, I'm looking at pairing an i5-9600K with an MSI H310M Pro M2. I'm a little stuck on the price ($450 before memory & HDD's), so I'm wondering if this is overkill. What I'd like from this system: 1. Reliable NAS (Obviously) 2. Plex server (relatively light use, no more than 3 streams at 1080p) 3. Light, non-continuous VM use 4. Possibly some Docker containers (OpenVPN, PiHole, etc... Other useful stuff that's out there..) I'm currently using an old Dell (3800 passmark) with a pair of 1TB drives in RAID 1 as a poor-man's NAS & Plex serv