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  1. I figured it out, i tried a different PC to create the USB drive it and worked for some reason, im back up and running please close or delete thread mods. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I woke up to find my unraid server telling USB Drive failure so like an idiot I rebooted it. It would not boot so I tried to create a new USB drive but the usb creator just fails giving me a fail to mount error right at the end, after it starts creating the boot drive (both new install and using a backup which i thankfully had) I tried the manual method of creating the usb drive and it seems like it works fine when I make it bootable but once I insert it into server and reboot it fails to find the OS (even though the BIOS sees it) Any suggestions? I've tried 3 different drives (32gb Sandisk Cruzer 2.0, 32gb Sandisk Cruzer 3.0, old 8gb 2.0 drive which used to work) I use this for work and I need access to my Windows VM today, please help! This is the error i get when i try to use the tool with 2 different drives one fails and the other is stuck on "Syncing file system"
  3. Hello, sorry this might be a ignorant question but I currently have a Supermicro X10SLM-F and all the SATA slots (6) are full with 4 drives (1 parity 3 storage) and 2 cache SSD drives in a pool. Im on basic and plan on upgrading to Plus but before i do... I want to expand my array with 3 more drives I have and I know I can easily buy a cheap used Dell H310 or similar and get 8 slots but I came across a FREE Adapter Raid 6405E and was wondering if there's any way to use this in combination with my motherboards SATA slots to increase storage. Is this compatible with Unraid? can I use this in combination with the motherboards slots or would i just be switching all drives to the controller which would basically put me at 4? I tried doing research but came up empty handed on this specific card. Thank you in advance.