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  1. Hey Ghost! So I finally had a chance to test this out. Tbh, it was mainly my ignorance as I didn't know I have to bind the devices in the Device List. I saw them as available when making the VM and assumed that was it. I bound them, and it seem to be working. But It's still he same issue. The problem is the bridge. I cannot bind it. I've tried the pcie-acs override trick, that scattered the IOMMU groups but the bridge still remained unbindable. And I've tried Space INvaders trick of*id of item*. That unfortunatelly also didn't help. Any ideas
  2. That's actually what I started working on. I'm trying to get my laptop to connect to the rasberry at work and once I finish that and get it working, i'll see if I can connect the LAN. I'm still somewhat confused whether the two tunnels (in the LAN (RASPI) to LAN (Unraid) connection do the job, or if you also have to connect both peers. Sorry. Noob. Daniel.
  3. Hey again, here's the diagnostics I did use some tricks from this forum and space invaders to get my own GPU BIOS (if that's what you mean by ROM (sorry not familiar with the term). Should I share it here? I then linked to following his manual. Cheers for taking the time. Daniel.
  4. Hello guys, I hope this topic isn't completely dead. I stumbled on this post and it's exactly what I'd like to do. I wanna link the LAN at my company with the one at my place. But I only have one unraid server at my place, so I decided to buy a Rasberry Pi 4. But now I'm struglling to understand (new to linux). Do I have to turn on only the tunnels or also connect the peers? If so, do I just do it through the command line in unraid? Also, I seem to be struggling with one of two things. Either I can connect to the Rasberry's VPN server, but have no access t
  5. Hello Ghost. Big thanks for you reply and steering me in some direction. Just so I understand, I modify my xml directly with what you've sent? I'm happy to give additional data, just very new to unraid so don't know what is needed and where to get. Also, I struggled in the beginning to get the pass through working but this forum helped a lot. I never changed any iommu settings apart from my USB PCI card. So I just went with the default settings for the sound card. I'll make a clone of my VM ND make the adjusments there. To see if that helps.
  6. Am I doing something wrong that only my post isn`t getting a single reply? Anyone? Any ideas. I searched the forum top to bottom and couldn`t find anything. Nor did I manage to fix the problem. Here`s the VM`s log ErrorWarningSystemArrayLogin -overcommit mem-lock=off \ -smp 2,sockets=1,dies=1,cores=2,threads=1 \ -uuid f2c7f993-49ad-6949-700a-44f8f90aca56 \ -display none \ -no-user-config \ -nodefaults \ -chardev socket,id=charmonitor,fd=31,server,nowait \ -mon chardev=charmonitor,id=monitor,mode=control \ -rtc base=localtime \ -no-hpet \ -no
  7. Hey Everyone. Kinda new here. Evaluating unraid as we speak. I've been loving it so far. Fixed a ton of problems thanks to this forum, but there's one problem I can't seem to find a fix for. My VM only starts after I've force stopped it. I go to my PC, use a phone to login to unraid and then start my VM and it doesn't do anything. The monitor doesn't turn on, the keyboard doesn't light up. Nothing. So I force stop it (as I've tried just restarting, or hibernating and it does nothing) and start it agian and voila, it starts like nothing happen