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  1. Totally, BTW, I was using dockers for a month and without problems... I believe that started after purchase the Pro license, so maybe a month later.
  2. Hello @trurl , @Squid did you had a chance to review this diagnostic? Im really frustrated because i need this function
  3. Yes! Thanks for your reply! Please, see attached! unraid-server-diagnostics-20210719-2343.zip
  4. Hello guys! Well, I did/tried a lot of things... As @Squid recommended, I change to XFS (From BTRFS), I did all the steps recommended to change/replace the cache disk for FAQ (move the files from cache to array), but I lost all the VMs, and the problem continue. I changed the memories. I changed the memories slots. I changed the bios. I leave the appdata without cache. I bypassed my FW. I forwarding the traffic to other ISP. I still having the same issue: "Error: filesystem layer verification failed for digest sha256:xxxxxxxxxx" I recovery an "old" backup from 3 w
  5. Hello again community... any help from your side it will be amazing! I still having this issue.
  6. Hi! Thanks for your reply! - How can I run the memtesst? Directly in the BIOS? - I did it some hours ago and nothing happened - How can I do that? Im asking because I have files running there... Thanks again!
  7. Hello team! I was using some dockers, like nginx, transmission and machinaris... First issue started when I tried to update machinaris, I did it and the docker disappear. I restarted the System, but still without the docker... I said, ok, maybe I touch the incorrect buttom... Next day, I tried to update the nginx and transmission and I get same error in both (next image), I read a few threads, and in some cases said that deleting and restarting solves the issue, tried and nothing happened. Now, I cant install any docker. I get the same error that I commented. Here is: