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  1. Yes they are. I have them both plugged into the same router at different ports. I have tried both with and without my VPN on incase that was some how blocking something and that has not seemed to change anything. I have also tried over wifi to no success.
  2. Hi guys, I'm trying to set up my new unraid server to act as a whole home backup and I can't even get to the web GUI on my windows 10 pro workstation. I keep getting this issue. I tried to follow everything in this thread here and I still keep getting issues And like I know my server is up and operational because I can connect to it from my MacBook air and I already have it backing up to a time machine location on board the server. I've tried to manually override the ip address being blocked in windows defender but, its possible I goofed something there and it may not have fully taken. At this point I don't know what steps to take next cause I can't even ping the ip successfully from my windows machine and I have about exhausted my limited networking experience trying to trouble shoot this issue. Thanks in advance for the help.