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  1. I had to cut the hinge to fully remove the door. I still have this system. I am planning on retiring it. If someone is interested I'd let it go pretty reasonably. I'll be keeping the 8TB drives and I can replace them with 3TB drives if you want drives included. Note that I have been using this system as a backup system that I turn off when not needed so runtime hours are a lot less than one would expect with a 4yo system.
  2. Thanks! I was able to place my order.
  3. From the unraid console I clicked on Purchase Key and went through the process of entering address, contact info, and CC info. Click on submit and I get: OpenSSL SSL_connect: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL in connection to webmerchantaccount.quickbooks.com:443 My trial expires in a couple days.
  4. I have an older Unraid array I'd like to recover. The controller was removed from the system a while back. I know which drives are which (all 15). The old controller supported 16 drives. The new will consist of MB, a 4 port SATA board, and a Supermicro controller. How would I go about adding drives/ bringing up the array and save the existing data?
  5. Been running two continuous copys overnight. One is a direct (cpio) unraid to unraid and the other using fastcopy (unraid to unraid via a Win 7 system). Parity and data drive are 38C & 26C (drive 1). CPU is 24C.
  6. http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=44730.0
  7. My parity check finally finished. With all drives spinning but no disk I/O the disk temps drop a couple degrees C. CPU/MB temps dropped to 18 & 35.
  8. I'll be using this system as a backup system so the drives will be used per they way they're advertised. I've read several posts here where they're using them in a more active system without issues.
  9. The DS380 stock drive bay fan setup is actually worse than no fans at all.
  10. I just build a new unraid (v6.1) box. My old system was running low on space so time to upgrade. Chassis is the Silverstone DS380 HDs are 8 of the Seagate 8TB archive drives. Controller is the Supermicro AOC-SASLP-MV8 MB is a Supermicro X7SPE-H-D525 PSU Silverstone ST45SF I read through the various posts on this chassis looking for info on the cooling issues with this chassis. Other than the use of some cardboard to control the air for the 2 side fans, I didn't find much. So I decided to do a test. With the stock cooling and a parity check running I had the following temps: 38,39,37,39,43,46,46,42 Ouch! Thinking about air flow I decided to force more air through the hard drives. I plugged (w/piece of paper) most of the fan intake for the HD fans on the side of the chassis and left the front door open.. I saw a huge drop in temps. So I've done the following: 2 Side fans are disconnected and their opening is fully covered. Openings above the card cage/PSU closed off. Card cage opening metal bracket holes plugged. Chassis opening next to PSU blocked off. I now have only 1 fan, the one on the back blowing out. Incoming air comes in either through the front (cooling the HDs or through the PSU. Temps are now (parity check running): 36,33,31,33,35,36,37,36 CPU: 23 MB: 37 (not sure if this is right). - sorry, no before temps for MB/CPU. Room temp is 20C. System is much quieter and temps are stable. As best I can tell, these are good temps for HDs during a parity check. I perplexed why Silverstone would go through the expense of adding the side fans when the chassis seems to work better without them. Now I need to determine how to permanently remove the front door. Note: The 1st HD temp is the parity drive.
  11. I'm using a Synology as my online and an unraid as my offline backup. I use fastcopy to copy (usually a BR ISO) to the unraid and it automatically shuts down the unraid and my PC. Don't care how fast or slow the unraid system is, just start up the process and walk away.
  12. I use superfinder xt. http://fsl.sytes.net/ssearchxt.html It is free. It's so good I ended up buying the supporter's version.
  13. I had occasional problems downloading things from various sites in the past until I installed getright. It's been 100% solid since.
  14. It's more compact (and quiet) than what is available for unraid. Stable - I've used Readynas, qnap, synology, freenas, and unraid. All seem to be quite stable. The interface on the Synology is "prettier" than unraid, but with a NAS I'm so infrequently on its console it doesn't really matter.
  15. I added a DS1812+ to my home network. I added it as my primary and a recently rebuilt unraid became my backup. I've been unhappy with my unraid system's write performance and franky was tired of messing around with it. Yeah, the Synology was expensive, but there's something to be said for plugging it in and it just works (write=~90Mbs, read=100+Mbs). Backing up to the unraid has been slow (20Mbs) and I've been considering another Synology. If Tom fixes the slow write performance I'll stick with unraid. Otherwise you'll eventually see my server in the for sale section.