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  1. I've read through the howto and my googling hasn't found anything specific to swag. Does swag have the ability to use ECDSA certs? and/or Can you offer both RSA and ECDSA certs? Doug
  2. Any chance prowlarr could get vpn setup like your other containers?
  3. So I switched it up and moved to wireguard and while vpn works and provoxy works I can no longer access the ui. docker is on a diff network then my lan. I added to the local ranges under special. still no luck. just weird. Somehow I messed up the LAN_NETWORKS variable and forgot to include my other lan. It was there before and I think I removed it trying to figure out what was broken with openvpn. Still not sure about that but wireguard seems to improve speeds. Thanks again for the software bud.
  4. Having a weird issue that seems to just have creeped up. I'm using sabnzdvpn with privoxy. I have radarr and sonarr checkmarked with privoxy and pointed to sabnzvdvpn. While the vpn is on neither radarr nor sonarr can talk to sab. I thought maybe this might be related to the previous issue with the tightening of iptables. Disabling privoxy on sonarr or radarr doesn't help. I still can't talk to sab. Disabling the vpn (setting it to no in the container) works and I'm able to talk to sab just fine.