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  1. 1) what should be configuration to achieve high read/write speed ? please suggest conceptual configuration..
  2. thank you to both of you .. will update as soon as cache becomes full.
  3. hi there .. sorry if below queries are already answered .. but I couldn't find proper answers anywhere.. 1) We are going to switch to 10 or 20Gbps network. is unRaid capable for such fast read/write speed.?? As per my knowledge wright speed depends on cache speed and read speed depend on data drive ( hdd or ssd ) speed.. is this information correct ? or there is a way to achieve very fast read/write speed. ?? 2) As mover runs, does is copy data or Move data .. if it copy data then it may possible to read the same data from cache .. otherwise it need to access it through data drive.
  4. On trial version of unRaid 6.9.2 .. we installed 4 numbers of 10TB Seagate Exos drives ( 1 parity drive + 3 data drive ) and one Samsung 1TB 970 Pro as cache. in Windows network drive it shows size as 931GB ( 1 TB / TiB ) instead of 30 TB / TiB .. What is going wrong.?
  5. is there any tool available that can give all hdd's SMART reports on email. possibly, I may miss something .. but this is very basic and very important part for storage server and I can't find this in unRaid. pls help