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  1. v1.6.0 was released which adds support for multiple domains that point to the same proxy host / container.
  2. @Alfy1080 I'm an idiot and forgot to run the build command before building the new docker image 😑 The newest release should now properly contain the error handling methods we discussed and should fix your issue (hopefully for real this time 😉). At the moment ContainerNursery only supports HTTP. If this is however a feature that you and maybe some others have a great need for, I would consider implementing it.
  3. @Alfy1080 v1.5.2 was just released which should fix your issue.
  4. @Alfy1080 Thanks for the log entry and bug report. It looks to me like Docker generates an event with some malformed JSON which leads to ContainerNursery crashing. I will wrap the code in some error handling to prevent crashes of ContainerNursery in such an event and release a bug fix release in the next few days.
  5. See the exact same behavior on my 6.9.2 system... Would love to hear an explanation for what is exactly causing this.
  6. v1.5.0 was just released and adds the feature of stoping (and starting) multiple containers for each proxy host. This is especially useful if your application has multiple supporting containers (database, own reverse proxy, etc.).
  7. That is both good and disappointing to hear lol. Means we found a fix but also means that these editors first save an empty file and then save the correct edited file. The file changed event only gets emitted on the first save since there's an internal debounce logic in the library I use. I will push a small bug fix release in the next few minutes with this change.
  8. A small Update v1.4.0 was released, check the second post for the changelog. @guillelopez & @kjames2001 Could you try the config reload issue again with the dev-config tag? I added a small delay (500ms) after receiving a file change event before trying to read the config file. Maybe this fixes your issue? I sadly still couldn't reproduce this so it's impossible for me to test this on my own.
  9. I just tried this using VSCode as the editor on Mac with the container running, can't reproduce this. Do you maybe use a different encoding than UTF-8? Does the same config file that produces this error work after a restart of the container?
  10. I sadly can't recreate your issue, config reloading works just fine on my machines... Is there anymore detail you can provide?
  11. @guillelopez The fix to the bug you discovered, as well as the configurable listening port update was just released two hours ago. I also added the guide I mentioned to the first post. Let me know if somethings missing.
  12. @guillelopez This is actually a bug! Thanks for reporting this, will look into getting this fixed in the next few days. The port shouldn't be taken into consideration when examining the domain.
  13. @guillelopez So just to clarify, the ContainerNursery loading page gets displayed correctly when you visit filebrowser.rack but it just never displays the target application itself? This would mean that either the proxyHost and/or proxyPort configuration is wrong for this proxy host, or that no connection can be established between these two applications (ContainerNursery and FileBrowser for example). Using localhost as proxyHost is only correct if ContainerNursery is run in host networking mode, since otherwise localhost refers to the container and not the Unraid machine. It could be that because of your special network situation the two containers can’t connect to each other, maybe try to investigate more into that direction? You could try (not a permanent solution) to use the default bridge network for both Application and ContainerNursery and simply append the port when you open the url in the browser like so: http://filebrowser.rack:8080 Use the docker container settings to map the ContainerNursery port 80 to port 8080 for example. Then use the Unraid machine IP as proxyHost and the application port (which you have configured using the container settings, like for ContainerNursery) as the proxyPort.
  14. A guide is definitely something I thought about doing but haven't found the time yet to do, I will try to do it in the course of the next week. A pretty technical "guide" can already be found on the GitHub Project page in the Readme file. If you're using Docker Bridge Network you can map the port 80 easily to something other you prefer. Either way we're working on making the listening port configurable.
  15. Changelog 08.02.2021 - v1.6.0 Added the ability to add multiple domains that point to the same proxy host. 29.11.2021 - v1.5.2 Fixed a bug where misformed docker event payload would crash ContainerNursery when trying to parse JSON. Thanks to Alfy1080 on the Unraid Forums for the Bug report. 12.10.2021 - v1.5.1 Fixed a bug where the loading page wouldn't be displayed when a path other than `/` is requested. Thanks to @JamesDAdams on GitHub for the Bug report. 29.09.2021 - v1.5.0 Added the ability to stop (and start) multiple containers per proxy host. This is useful if the application supports multiple containers. The first container in the list is the main container, which is used to check if the container is ready and reload the loading page. For usage information check the file on GitHub. 24.09.2021 - v1.4.2 Handle SIGTERM. The ContainerNursery container should now stop (and thus also restart) much quicker. 23.09.2021 - v1.4.1 Fixed an issue where certain editors broke the live config reload functionality by introducing a small delay before reading the config file. 23.09.2021 - v1.4.0 Added stopOnTimeoutIfCpuUsageBelow setting to proxyHosts which prevents ContainerNursery from stoping containers if they're still busy (using more CPU than the limit). For usage information check the file on GitHub.