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  1. That's a good point. Will keep the 10th drive as a spare.
  2. Thanks @JorgeB! Just to close the loop, it was my 8-port Asmedia 1166 card that was bottlenecking read/write speeds. I managed to get my hands on an old HP H240 HBA and performance has gone up significantly! Its more what I expect from these enterprise-grade drives. @Frank1940It was a good thing that the person I got the HBA card from was reliable. So far so good. The card runs hot but that's a known issue. Only issue was with one of the 8087 cables that he passed to me, where one channel was faulty. He told me about it and I took them as they were what was available on hand. Will be ordering new ones soon (and add back my 10th data drive). Once again, thanks everyone.
  3. Thanks for the heads up... Unfortunately, there's always a risk with buying online. And many retail stores won't stock SAS HBAs.
  4. I thought that was the problem, after all the troubleshooting that I did. One of which was a Diskspeed benchmark, that shows higher burst speeds for drives connected to the motherboard. Those on the ASmedia were at 100+ mb/s sustained, that that was only benchmarked one drive at a time. I'm going to order a used LSI HBA and see how that improves the speeds. Thanks again.
  5. I did post them earlier. Let me attach the diagnostics again.
  6. Thanks again. I hope so. This is the second time I'm syncing from scratch. The first time I aborted on the third day. I'm basing the estimate based off the Array Operation section of the main page. The speed has doubled now that the file copy into the array is done. Are these sync speeds expected of Unraid for a 12-drive array (2 parity, 10 data)?
  7. Alright, thanks! I'll get back on the speeds in 9 days or so.
  8. Hi, Sorry, new to Unraid. I've searched the forums for solutions, tried a few things here and there but remain troubled by slow read/write speeds (25mb/s each way) to my array. Parity build is also limited to 25mb/s. Basically I can't get more than around 25mb/s read/write speeds total. A file copy to the array will basically halve the write speed (at the time of this screenshot, a file is being copied to the Unraid array). Reads don't seem to be affected. I'm running 6.10.rc, with Twonkyserver (as a music server) and one Win10 VM active (as a Chia node). This wasn't the case when my array was first put together, consisting of 1 parity and 3 data 10TB drives driven all by my motherboard's SATA ports. I was getting between 100-200mb/s read and writes to and from the array (its much faster on the Cache drive, up to 900mb/s on my 10g network) then. However, when I added 8 more drives (1 added parity drive and 7 data drives, all 10TB too) from my old QNAP NAS and expanded my array, I started to get the slow speeds. The 8 added drives run off a 12-port Asmedia SATA expander card. Right now, I'm beginning to think that there is something wrong on the hardware side but I was wondering if I missed anything in the configuration of my array. My diagnostics file is attached. Any advice is appreciated!