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  1. Thanks for the info. Was really doubting myself there.
  2. Alright, I feel very stupid now. Has this always been the case? Coincidence that I've never bumped into this issue before, I guess.
  3. Hey all, I've got 2 Unraid servers running v. 6.9.2. On both servers, when I click on an array disk in the array devices tab, neither SMART attributes nor capabilities are displayed for any disk. "Can not read attributes" "Can not read capabilities" The information for my cache disks displays fine. I've checked the system log and was unable to find any entries regarding SMART issues. Thanks for your time!
  4. Thanks for your answer. As you can see, the free space and the capacity of the share differ by several terabytes in each case. Just as a test, I invoked the mover and checked again after it completed. I'm seeing exacly the same numbers alternating when refreshing the directory on that share. I've got another share that also uses the cache disk for new files. There the numbers don't alternate.
  5. Hi all, this is probably a minor issue, but I've noticed for quite some time that the free space reported for an SMB share sometimes differs dramatically between refreshs of said share. See attached screenshots of the same share taken before and after a refresh/reload of the current directory on the SMB share. Best regards Matthias
  6. Hi Johnnie, I just tried that, doesn't seem to make a difference. Still 'no exportable user shares', access denied for disk shares. BUT, I compared ownership and access right flags under /mnt/ to my other Unraid server. Turns out, everything except for /mnt/disks was set to 'rw-rw-rw-' whereas on my working Unraid instance, it is 'rwxrwxrwx'. I'm not really sure how this happened, but it looks like everything is okay for now. Thanks & best regards Matthias
  7. Hi all, as of this morning, all of my user shares have disappeared. Rebooting the server did not fix this issue. The only share I'm seeing is 'flash'. The share configuration on the flash drive is present and looks fine. The disk shares seem to be configured correctly but when trying to access them I get an access denied error. I attached my diagnostics to this message. Any help is appreciated. bignas-diagnostics-20200324-0848.zip
  8. Hi Johnnie, diagnostics attached to this post. Thanks! lochnas-diagnostics-20200222-1145.zip
  9. Hi all, I'm facing a problem I'm not sure how to solve. I have two parity drives and have just replaced 2 data drives in my array. Shortly after starting the server to do a data rebuild, one of my parity drives was marked as disabled. What options do I have now? Any help is appreciated.
  10. Hi again, what I don't understand is this. When I go to the unraid main tab, I see the "Please wait, retrieving information ..." message from unassigned devices. This takes forever, in the syslog I see this: These are obviously all timing out, so something is definetly up. When I connect to the unraid server running unassigned devices via ssh and manually mount one of those NFS shares, it works without a problem in these situations. I can list the contents of the share and copy stuff to/from it. So the server is not offline but somehow the
  11. Update: I downgraded both my servers back to v. 6.5.3 and the problem persists. Let me know if you need specific information/logs.
  12. +1 for NFS issues since 6.6.0 See my post here:
  13. Hi all, since the unraid 6.6.0 update I've been having issues with NFS shares mounted by the unassigned devices plugin. I've got 2 unraid servers. Server B mounts a couple of NFS shares on server A and runs a number of rsync scripts on a schedule to push new/modified files to server A. It looks like these NFS mounts become "stale" pretty quickly. Right after a server reboot manually triggering my sync scripts works just fine. A day later, rsync hangs at "sending incremental file list" and I'm unable to "cd" to the NFS mount points. Any clues on how to fix this problem a