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  1. I've tried this too (that's what I was doing at first), but no luck. I even just tried manually editing the XML to something random for testing purposes (http://www.google.com) but Unraid still forces IP:8080 in the context menu.
  2. It seems to accept this input and the XML file under dockerMan/templates-user saves the desired input correctly (unlike some posters above), but the generated link in the Unraid GUI still sticks to 8080. <WebUI>http://[IP]:[PORT:8089]/</WebUI> <Variable> <Value>8089</Value> <Name>WEBUI_PORT</Name> <Mode/> </Variable> <Config Name="8089" Target="8089" Default="8089" Mode="tcp" Description="Container Port: 8089" Type="Port" Display="always" Required="true" Mask="false">8089</Config> This persists even with a complete Unraid reboot as suggested by wgstarks.
  3. This problem has been vexing me all day as well; I'm glad I'm not the only one. I can't get this to work even if I change the default value of WEBUI_PORT. I'm beginning to suspect there is something odd in this particular Docker image that is forcing all Unraid WebUI GUI links to the default IP:8080 regardless of the link specified in the Advanced view of the Docker configuration page. My goal: Multiple instances of binhex-qbittorrentvpn, each using a different port for their respective WEBUIs. I can get the WebUI to be active on a non-default port by doing the following: 1. Delete Host Port 3 (default 8080:8080) 2. Add new TCP mapping [newport]:[newport] 3. Change WEBUI_PORT to [newport] But regardless of what I change in the WebUI field (Unraid advanced view), the Unraid GUI link redirects me to IP:8080. The only exception is if I manually map container port 8080 to [new port], in which case I get linked to IP:[new port]. But since the container requires a [newport]:[newport] mapping for the WebUI to function, I can't add a second mapping of 8080:[new port] to force the link in the Unraid GUI to work properly. The field just doesn't seem to change even if I hard code the WebUI link to http://[IP]:[newport] or change it to http://google.com. Other containers let me change the WebUI link to literally anything I want, which leads me to believe this has something to do with this specific container. I can't find anything in the dockerMan XML file referencing port 8080 so it's got to be somewhere deeper. Yes I could just bookmark the individual links and never access them via the Unraid Docker page, but it would really be nice to have so that in the future I don't have to reinvent the wheel if I ever lose track of which ports I used. I'd love to help troubleshoot this because I'm at my wit's end trying to get this to work and am pretty close to giving up and just using binhex-rtorrentvpn.