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  1. Seems to perform very well - but i got a problem Webinterface gives several "Size" errors after around half an hour. After that its not accessible anymore. Even restarting the docker, array or system does not fix this. tryed to stop/ start the webserver inside BI Web UI is simply white after that
  2. I used to pay for a seedbox with plex. switching to a home solution now. Unraid + this docker previous i could choose (99% of the time i used this) play in original format wihtout transcoding in the player. the option is now gone with this container when i turn transcoding off it tells me my server is not capable/ powerfull enough to transcode the video with a 4k video. 1080 works with 0-1% cpu in rare cases i use transcoding even for 4k - but dont want my 12 Core/24t to be 60% plus used when turning this on using the same rig as work pc with GPU passed trough to my main VM - so HW encoding is no option where can i get this "play in original" back ?