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  1. Hi! I'm building custom containers using Nix, and have Docker-compatible container images that I'd like to upload to my Unraid server and schedule for running. While it's possible to do that once by logging into the server and running `docker run` with my image uploaded locally, I'd like to integrate with the Docker Unraid interface and manage my container along with others. However, to add a container through the UI I need a container repository, which I don't. Most of the posts I've found here are using Docker to publish the containers, while I'd like to be fully self hosted. Thanks!
  2. Hi there, I just installed the MyServers plugin like so: - With the Community Applications plug-in enabled - Going to Apps, searching for Limetech My Servers and installing it - Reloading the page, signing in through the upper-right sign-up screen - Entered name, email, password - Waited for the confirmation email, which never arrived - Managed to logged in into and access the MyServers page without having to enter an email confirmation code - Am now logged in, but on the server side I see the warning icon and the "Not Connected to Mothership" error (below). Likewise on the MyServers dashboard. I've done `unraid-api restart` just to be sure, with no effect.