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  1. Hi Squid. Ok I've done as you requested and posted it here: https://forums.plex.tv/t/i-have-unraid-and-cant-get-1050ti-to-be-used-to-transcode-the-cpu-is-doing-all-the-work/761741 That being said, if anyone can assist please comment on this thread or the plex.tv thread posted above. Thanks
  2. Hey guys & @ich777 I've read the forum rules, and am really hoping someone can assist. First off, I am logging in with the email I used to configure the Unraid plus, yet it's still not linking it to the account I paid for, so I am unsure how to resolve the fact I can't post in all the forums. That's not my main issue, but if someone can assist let me know. Here below is the procedure I've followed and The main problem though that I am having is this: I've taken my whole unraid server and migrated it into a new mb/cpu. Z590-v / i5 11th gen. I then installed a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti into it. My unraid is Version Unraid OS Plus 6.9.2 2021-04-07 At this point, I 0. Checked plex app version: Plex-Media-Server 1. Went into Plex docker and added extra parameters = --runtime=nvidia 2. added variable Container Variable: NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES to my GPU-xxxxxx 3. Set Nvidia driver capabilities to ALL. 4. Installed ICH777 Nvidia-driver and used driver 495.44. The GPU is now showing up there in settings corrently. 5. I disabled and enabled the docker. 6. Rebooted server 7. Inside of my admin Plex account, I've enabled hardware transcoding in the transcode settings area. However, view a movie remotely, it's still zapping all the CPU, and GPU stats are showing zero usage on the dashboard. Any ideas on how to get the GPU to handle the transcoding? I have attached the diags that I just ran if anyone knows how to read them. I've read somewhere that sometimes the docker-images may need to be changed. I did some research and am at a loss on how to check if I have the right version/app. Maybe I'm reading an old set of instructions and am missing a toggle switch or something somewhere. Unfortunately for me my main jobs the last 20 years have been 98% Windows based, and I am really not great with Linux, so I humbly ask for your help and appreciate your knowledge in regards to this. starlighter-diagnostics-20211202-0653.zip
  3. Yes, when I bind it, the GUI stops working. But can I still acces via IP. If I want to use the video card for transcoding in the plex , does it need to be bound? Plex is currently running in my docker. But yeah everything now seems to be working great when I don't bind it I think. I'm just not 100% sure if the trancoding will be done through the video card or not at this point, and how to tell if it is. I am curious, is the latest version of the driver of yours I have set to be using there, using your nvidia package- is it unlocked so that Plex can use more transcodes than the standard nvidia drivers? Thanks!!
  4. FYI. After the diags I sent you, I went into Tools - System Devices and checked off the 1050ti, and then rebooted. After the reboot, the GUI would not load again, so I went back and unchecked it again. Rebooted and now GUI is back. Thanks.
  5. Hi @ich777 Ok so partially good news. I've assembled a new computer, the motherboard is: ASUS 590-V with intel i5 CPU. I've plugged in the USB boot thumbdrive into the computer. Finally after tinkering with the BIOS I've been able to boot it up. *** NOW the flashing cursor is gone and I can actually get into the GUI now. I didn't see the graphics card Asus GTX1050Ti under the main dashboard though still. So I decided to go and install your Nvidia plugin. After it installed I rebooted the computer. I still don't see the 1050ti card under the main dashboard. The card however is functioning enough that It's connected and I can log in via the gui. What would you recommend I do at this point? Thanks!!!
  6. Hi Ich777. Sorry about the late response. Long story short, I went to pick up a new motherboard and cpu and had a bunch of issues with the motherboard being damaged. It seems the old motherboard didn't have enough space for my sata controller as well as the gtx1050ti. So once I get the new system up and running and the unraid booted up I will get back to you. Thanks!!!!! Really appreciate the help.
  7. Hi ICH777. thanks very much for the response. I wanted to post it in the other plugin support thread, but for some reason it's not linking my purchased unraid software email to this login which is the same, so it won't let me post in there for some reason 1. Yeah I did a reboot after the driver installed. And when I tried a different driver from your plugin, still same issue. 2. The flashing cursor right now is also happening when it's plugged directly to the motherboard video output since the card's been removed today. 3. The diagnostics I've posted is AFTER I've removed the card. 4. I did reboot after uninstalling the Nvidia plugin of yours, still flashing cursor after reboot. So yeah, tonight I will be plugging in the 1050TI and see what happens. I've readin other threads it may be a CSM bios issue of some sort? I did try to tinker with the bios a few times in regards to this, but no success. I have a USB backup of my unraid that's a few months old. I am considering trying to load that, with the new video card and see what happens. Any ideas or any suggestions to try? Also in one other thread, it said that if you install too many nvidia drivers via your plugin, that may cause issues, and you must uninstall them all. I'm not linux smart, especially slack so I wasn't able to get any commandlines to work to uninstall them. Thanks!!!!
  8. So I've got a Unraid 6.9.2 server that I tossed together with some older parts. It's running a MSI a68HM Grenade motherboard with BIOS July 2016. Anyhow it was running great, until I decided to plug in a Lenovo branded Quadro P200 card. I shut off the machine, installed the card, booted it up via GUI. Then went into the Apps and installed the Nvidia Driver by ich777. I tried to install a few different versions of the Nvidia driver, but it still wouldn't detect the card or see it in the dashboard. (Even though the video was displaying via LCD through that card) At this point I decided to reboot and this is where the flashing cursor nightmare began. Strangely, after trying the ich777 Nvidia drivers, after a reobot I get to the GUI open and if I select GUI, it loads a tonne of processes, and then all I get is a flashing cursor on the top left. So far, I've uninstalled the Nvidia driver app, and unplugged the card. Unfortuantely now, the issue still remains. I plan on installing a Geforce 1050TI card later, but I think the issue will stilll probably remain. I've read on another forum to remove the old Nvidia drivers, as installing more than 1 might cause issues like this. I'm no linux guru, as 99% of my work is in Windows, so I have been unable to do this. I've tossed the diagnostics log here: https://mega.nz/file/I8pDUIIS#B-pqxgQIwAX4yRhBH6MEgZhJjrtCZ-rD4YqGFbKY5iw At least I can still log into the server via it's IP as a webpage. If anyone can please help me out It'd be really really appreciated. Thanks! starlighter-diagnostics-20211119-1051.zip