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  1. I suspect that as well. There is a pair of jumper pins on the expander that are documented as "reserved" in the manual. Do you know what they are for? I wonder if it's something like clearing the cmos or resetting the firmware, similar to the clear cmos jumpers on a motherboard.
  2. Thanks. Do all those LSI HBAs (9207-8i, 92118i, 93004i4e) work with your 82885t?
  3. Hi Vr2lo, Can you link or give the models of the lsi and intel controllers that work with your AEC-82885t? I'm going to try them.
  4. Yes, my expander heatsink is hot. When I do sg_inq, the firmware doesn't even show. Product identification is "Virtual SGPIO" instead of "AEC-82885T". I tried doing a clpd update but neither clpd update nor firmware update is "supported on virtual sgpio device" I'm wondering if I need to do a manufacturing image update (the third update type in the first red box) but I don't think that will work either since the general command expanderupgrade is not working.
  5. By the way, what cables do you use to connect your lsi and microsemi hba controllers to the expander?
  6. The expander shows in Maxview as enclosure 0, it's just that attached drives don't show up. Also if I connect the same drives directly to the controller they show and work, so I know the issue is not the controller. According to the expander manual, it should be compatible with my controller too. Does the expander firmware have to be updated through the controller? What if I connect the expander to a pcie port (instead of powering with molex cable), disconnect from the controller and boot from a usb then use fw_tool in something like dos?
  7. The fw_tool failed too. I think it has to do with the problem in my discussion topic, which is that the expander is not recognized as an expander but something called a virtual sgpio. But I am not exactly sure. Still need help.
  8. Thanks for the reply Vr2lo. When I click on your link it says "the page you requested cannot be found". Can you try again or post an alternative link?
  9. I am using an adaptec 6405E sas controller with an adaptec 82885t expander card (connected with a sff-8087 to sff-8643 cable), but the expander appears as "Adaptec Virtual SGPIO" both in the controller utility before boot and in arcconf command line utility (when I list slot configuration using the command arcconf slotconfig). This is preventing me from performing a firmware update of the expander, giving the error "Expander upgrade is not supported on a Virtual SGPIO enclosure device" (using the cmd arcconfig utility). The expander shows up as enclosure 0 in maxview storage manager but connected drive count is 0 even when I connect drives with a fanout sas cable, which is why I wanted to update the firmware in the first place. I tried connecting the fanout cable to all sas ports on the expander card, and I know the drives are compatible with both the expander and the controller. Has any had this problem or any suggestions to fix it?