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  1. Yeah, it seems that this was not the best choice... Ok, I will give it a try to avoid errors. In regard to the bios update, it doesnt change anything, but ok. The only GPU in the system is the iGPU and this is set to enabled in bios. I struggle a bit with the overall power consumption of the system. When all drives spins down and docker is running (no vms, no additional pci-cards) I have 18W consumption, but ok. Thanks a lot for your help.
  2. When monitor is turned on, it seems that no errors come up (so far). Do you know the background of this behaviour? What would be the best workaround to keep the monitor off and to have the possiblity to use the console. I will do a bios update today. Thanks for your hints so far.
  3. correct. I have connected a monitor (most of the time off), right.
  4. Hi, I am using the latest intel_gpu_top plugin `2021.07.16` and since some days I get tons of error messages regarding drm and i915. The result is that my log file gets 100% within one day. If I delete the intel_gpu_top plugin, I got no errors. Do you have any Idea where these errors come from?