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  1. Thanks I'm using 6.9.2 (trial) I have been looking at using the instead but on the videos I've seen, when they're setting it up there is a bit at the beginning to click on for intel quicksync but when I try using the same container it isn't there - what am i doing wrong! Thanks again for your help - I really do appreciate it.
  2. Hmm, I really don't know. I went through the steps in the guide and got this (see image) but whether that means there is the folder with appropriate contents...I think so??
  3. Thank you (and David279) for replying. Firstly, there was a typo with the chip - I should have said 9600k which I believe does have igpu. when I add the bit in extra parameters, Something like --device=/dev/dri:/dev/dri in Extra Parameters or /dev/dri as a container device and then apply, it crashes and says that docker /dev/dri is not an absolute path. Then I have to reinstall the docker and remove the additional path just to be able to run the container at all. I have looked at using the linuxserver docker as used in the video guide but on the 1st step in the video, there are some options in the docker to choose the intel quicksync but when I load that docker, they don't appear. Any thoughts? Thanks very much.
  4. Good evening everyone, I've recently discovered to joy of using Unraid and have set up a new server - mainly for my Plex account but will use for other things too eventually. In order to do this, I bought a z390 mb and 6900k chip to run quicksync transcoding. But I can't get the thing to work. I have followed tutorials online doing the following: downloaded and installed intel gpu plugin and verified it is working with cd /dev/dri and get card0 render0128 installed the official Plex docker (I have Plex Pass) checked the box in settings that says to use HW acceleration Plex works beautifully, but when I'm transcoding, it isn't using hardware - PLEASE can someone help? Thank you all so much for your time with this.