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  1. oh crap not what i was hoping for well maybe i can see if i can get this one drive onto my motherboard SATA thanks
  2. yes it is doing a correction every time, i am using two SASLP-MV8 not sure if they are based on Marvel controllers, although i didn't get these errors for a long time.
  3. Does anyone know how i can identify the drive causing the parity check errors? i get 5 every time. Is there a way to make Unraid remember the values on each disk at these error spots and then after a another parity check compare to see what drive is changing these spots? and have ability rerun at these spots to see if its fixed? i have 11 drivers many different sizes maybe i can get a notification when error happens so i can at least narrow it down if it gets passed some smaller drives without errors. or am i limited to having to take a drive out one at a time with a new one rebuil
  4. I've been having this issue as well. Any time I try and transfer files from a share to a flash drive or another computer, it will lock up Samba, WebGUI, Dockers, pretty much everything. I can SSH as well, but powerdown does nothing. I've also observed this same behavior when Sabnzbd is processing very large files and moving them into the array. Seems it's definitely because of heavy IO load. I'll try the suggested fix of changing the md_num_stripes to 8192 and report back if that works around the issue. I too have had several issues, when transferring files (between drives in array, b
  5. Can't dump the ROM root@Tower:/sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:04:00.0# cat rom > /boot/vbios.dump cat: rom: Input/output error i can dump the ROM of the GPU that Unraid is using i don't understand why i can't dump this one. any ideas? do i need to run a VM and then shut it down then do a dump? also i have a spare card that i want to use but its 3 slot sized so i will have to remove my SATA ports cards to fit it does Unraid Array need to be up to do a dump? so that i can use 2 GPU's get the dump and then install back my SAtA ports ?
  6. but it works fine with Openelec VM i can from Unraid stop the VM and restart it without problems but i can not do this with Windows 7 only thing i couldn't do was Force Stop the VM if i did that the VM would not boot again until i did a reboot of the server. Is this because Windows 7 is using Seabios? while Openelec uses OVFM i think OVFM does something that helps with this problem.
  7. could you please explain how this is done? what i find strange is this only happens with Windows 7 Openelec i can stop and start the VM perfectly fine BUT i can not Force stop if i do that it behaves just like Windows 7 VM
  8. " However, using either bios type, the server/VM are completely unstable and will regularly lock up the entire unRaid server (can’t even power down from console or ssh) seemingly during file transfers between the unRaid shares and the VM’s 2nd vdisk. I have not seen/noticed a lockup outside of transferring/accessing files. " sounds like the problems i had with 6.2 where any time i tried to transfer files around with samba Unraid would stop showing files/folder anymore so apps etc would crash i couldn't even reboot unraid with ssh http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=47408
  9. 5 - Obtain the vendor/product ID for that device from the last column. 00:19.0 from my example is 8086:153b. 6 - Edit your syslinux.cfg file and add the following after the append but before initrd=/bzroot. Code: [select] pci-stub.ids=8086:153b what does this do? i have a on board network and a pci 2 port but all show up same 05:00.0 0200: 10ec:8168 (rev 0c) 06:00.0 0200: 10ec:8168 (rev 0c) 0d:00.0 0200: 10ec:8168 (rev 09) i did add the 2 port to my vm and its working but what happens when i reboot the system? will unraid try to use it ?
  10. "Oh wait, I lied - I DID add the MSI interrupt line to the sound.conf file on this install, same as you would for OE. So one tiny tweak." what is that and why do we need it?
  11. wow works great can't Unraid automate this? Unraid way i would get USB to work for 1-2min this way works and i can change the usb device at any time. Only problem if i change anything in the VM this VM text gets reset
  12. More fixes coming for -beta19, suggest you try that when it gets published. Hi Just to say I have found samba shares being very slow aswell. When using my win 10 vm the vm will take forever to view the mapped drives and slow transfers when using shares. I cant be bothered to downgrade so will wait for the next beta, but just thought I would let you know im having same issue. I get the same issue, including samba locking up entirely when trying to load a steam library over it Looking forward to beta 19, hopefully it comes out pretty soon YES another person w
  13. EMKO, Just reviewed your logs and there are multiple possibilities here, but Tom has already said it best himself: More fixes coming for -beta19, suggest you try that when it gets published. oh nice i will test it, is there easy way to downgrade if it still has problems? when i went back to 5.1.9 all my dockers/vms where missing/broken. can i just backup my dockers.img ?
  14. just to let you know i am back on 6.1.9 all transfers working perfect so its definitely something to do with 6.2.0 now i just have to figure out how to get my dockers/vms back do you guys have any clue what the problem with 6.2.0 could be?
  15. From reviewing your logs, can you please boot up in safe mode and try your testing again? You have a large number of plugins on your system that we'd like to see out of the equation before continuing diagnosis. Keep in mind, we have massively upgraded the OS / kernel in this release, so it's quite possible that some of the packages installed via these plugins will require updating before they are properly compatible. If you can cause another issue to occur with no plugins running, please report back with another diagnostics. Ok booted into safe mode did a transfer from share to sha
  16. Yea something very wrong with samba i think, today i was working on my desktop and Windows File History tried to back up the file to my Backup share this worked on 6.1.9 just fine but on 6.2 Unraid webui is not responding and the Openelec VM crashed. If i type in the share into windows explorer it causes the window to not respond i dont understand its as if Windows sees the shares but something is going very wrong and can't connect to it. This time i can't even get the diagnostics and again i can't get the system even to reboot in ssh have to manually power it down. EDIT: s
  17. oh sorry didn't even know Unraid had diagnostics, anyways here is the diagnostics did another test same result transfer goes for about 10% then drops to 0 bytes/s and Openelec VM is frozen. Only happens when i transfer from share to share, if i transfer to my computer first then to the share it works. Every time this happens i can't get Unraid to shutdown properly or i don't know how to, the webui stops responding tower-diagnostics-20160314-1928.zip
  18. second time this has happened, i have a file in one share and am trying to move it to another during the transfer the speed will drop to 0 and the Openelec VM that's running will freeze. I then trying to stop the array looks like it shuts down all the Dockers fine but the webui never loads back up i think it gets stuck on shutting down the frozen VM. Last time i tried to load the tower/VMS page and that made the webui stop loading. i don't know whats happening maybe samba is crashing since both times Openelec was also watching video files using smb, on windows i can brows the smb sh
  19. i don't have this "<qemu:arg value='vfio-pci,host=01:00.0,bus=pcie.0,multifunction=on,x-vga=on'/>" any ideas?
  20. Start up a new Openelec 6.0 VM i get this in the logs never seen this before is there a problem? Openelec does run fine Also now i can stop/start up Openelec VM as much as i want the GPU pass thought works every time. Has the no on board single Nvidia GPU card pass through been fixed?
  21. okay its checking in so you can block bad beta releases etc, but can't you add a Warning that you have not connected and tell the user there is a risk ? and still let them use it if they accept? i want to test out the new beta but i am not sure what will happen since i use Pfsense Vm to run my internet and i need Unraid to be running
  22. Definitely not for me. I use unRAID as just a NAS, I don't use any of the features. I have zero use for it to have network access, so to protect my data, I have it only accessible internally. There's no reason I should have to change that now, and I'm not going to reconfigure it on the firewall every time it stops working. It should work like it's been working I get that, and this is an assumption, but if you have a router that supports iptables, you could easily setup a firewall rule to allow outgoing from unraid's ip to limetech's key server ip. I still don't think it should be call
  23. Important: Your server will require internet access upon boot in order to validate with the LimeTech key server. What the hell? so how do i get my internet if i cant boot Unraid? since i use Pfsense in a VM running ON UNRAID LOL ???????
  24. sorry if dumb question but would this ROM thing work for the problem i have with any time i start a VM with GPU pass through i can only do it once, if i turn off the VM and try to start it up again nothing shows up.
  25. Either way I am going to stick with nvidia cards. The one other HUGE advantage I am seeing (maybe just specific to me) is that I can force shutdown a VM with an nvidia card and start it up again without issue. With the AMD cards this always caused a kernel panic in the VM and the only way to fix was to restart the server. All 3 of my HD6450's (3 different vendors) exhibited this behavior. Every time i stop my openelec vm i i can not get it to work again unless i reboot the Unraid machine i am on a nvidia 430 how can i tell if the VM has a kernel panic? I would see it on m