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  1. 1) I had no idea I was giving away some secret by posting the full file name. (What kind of lame security is that anyway PLEX team?). 2) I had no idea there was some history between the makers of the PLEX/unraid/docker stuff and the PLEX team which I think in some way resulted in the (to me) cryptic answers I got to my first inquiry. 3) I (in general) have no idea :-) really no context. So when I got answers that expected that I had a clue, like "use lsio's plex", I went looking for an "Idiots guide". 4) I am still disappointed that the archive file I got from PLEX had zero instructions (no README.TXT) file in it to get me started. At least back in the day something like that was standard. 5) And you where not kidding when you said the search feature in the forum is confusing. So I will put in the sweat equity, read the pages of forum posts, figure out how to install the right version of the Plex docker, figure out how to configure it to use the beta version, and when I do I will write that "Idiots guide" and post it. I just hope the PLEX DVR is worth it, I have to get a replacement for WMC.
  2. You guys are such a friendly bunch. I don't know why more people don't hang out on these forums.
  3. PLEX DVR was recently introduced: I have been running PLEX as a docker (the Limetech version) for a while, it works fine, but I've really been looking for a WMC/DVR replacement for my HDHOMERUNs ever since windows 10 came out and they announced the death of WMC. This looks like it might be the trick! Anyhow I bought a PLEX pass today and was surprised to find I could download an UNRAID version of Plex DVR from the Plex forums. The file is called: PlexMediaServer-???????-x64-UnRAID.txz but there are no instructions on what to do with it. I tried installing it as an UNRAID plugin but that only produced an XML error. Has anyone got this to work with UNRAID and how exactly did you do it?
  4. Sorry for my ignorance but what exactly is "Isio's PLEX"? I looked in the apps tab thinking it was a PLEX docker from a different author (I am currently running the PLEX docker from Limetech) but I did not see it there.
  5. I do have PLEX installed as a docker plugging. I want to try out the BETA version with DVR funcitonality that can only be obtained from the PLEX forum when you have a PLEX Pass. Anyhow there is a named UNRAID version but no instructions on what to do with the .txz file.
  6. I have downloaded the PlexMediaServer-???????-x64-UnRAID.txz file but how do I install it? I tried to install it as an unraid plugin but got XML parsing errors. Is there a guide somewhere?
  7. Any luck getting a PERC6/i (or PERC6/e) flashed into IT mode for JBOD? Unfortunately not. I have read many threads that describe it in general but I have yet to find a solid set of instructions with the EXACT firmware version to use. I'm a bit frustrated.
  8. I have built a couple of small <6 disk unraid servers in the past but I picked up a Dell Power Edge FS 12 server cheap and want to upgrade. It has: 2x AMD 2373EE Operton Quad Core Processors (2.1GHZ) 16x 4GB ECC DDR2 Memory (64GB Total) 2x 400GB 10K SATA Drives with Caddy 10x 3.5" Caddy 1x Dual Port Onboard NIC 2x Perc6i RAID Controller 1x 350W Hot Swap Power Supply 1x Set of Rack Rails The Perc6i controllers are in raid mode and it appears I need to flash them to IT mode. I've looked around this thread and googled around last evening but I have yet to find a complete set of instructions. Can someone point me to a solid set of instructions to flash these controllers to be compatible with unraid? Thanks.
  9. Well I got a full Slackware distro installed on a VM and was able to build rsync with exteded-attributes. It seems to work fine. I can now do automatic scheduled backups of my macs!
  10. I'm reasonably sure that the extended attributes are stored in a file with the same name of the original file but with ._ added on the front, so the destination file system does not need to understand them. If there is a better/easier way to make "true" backups of a MacOS file system to an UnRaid server please let me know. Thanks.
  11. I'm looking to back up my MacOS computers to my UnRaid server. My thought was to use rsync, with rsync running on my UnRaid server in "server" mode. This works except for the lack of the -E (--extended-attributes) flag on the UnRaid side, which prevents me from getting a byte for byte copy of my MacOS disks. This article describes how to patch the rsync source and produce a linux binary with the Apple extensions. I unfortunately do not have a full linux server to build the patched rsync myself. Has anyone already done this? Does it work with UnRaid? Do you have a binary you can share?
  12. I tried the 3.1 beta 2 and low and behold I have network and I can see all my drives! (3 ide 1 sata). This is on a cheap MS-7125 ATI 939 bulk motherboard. I have some more drives to move around before I call really test things out but so far so good.
  13. I can get my MSI K8N Neo4 nForce4 Ultra Socket 939 ATX MB to boot off of the USB flash, but I have no network. Is integrated Marvell 88E1111 Gigabit Ethernet supported? Am I out of luck?